Pray for the dust to settle

Pray! Pray! Pray!

As most have seen the news today, a volcano has erupted in Iceland and the dust cloud is now effecting air travel into London and other parts of Europe.

We leave Sunday and are flying through London and Amsterdam. This could have an impact on our travel plans.

Please pray that it won’t. We serve a great big God who can move a dust cloud out the way with no problem.

We have been in touch with Jan Gott (Michael’s Wife). Here is her response which puts it in pretty good perspective:

“Thank you, Lord.  What we are doing is a major threat to the kingdom of darkness.”

God’s hand has been on the planning of this trip for close to three years. Perhaps He really is up to something in Ukraine and the enemy does not want us to get there.

Pray that the weather and volcanoes will settle down by Sunday and that air traffic will be trouble-free for us to travel.

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