Volcanic Victories

Below is a letter from Michael Gott concerning the volcano and the positive outcome.

Volcanic Victories!

A Report Letter Michael Gott Evangelistic Association

Dear Singing Men and Partners,

Study Christian history and what do you discover?   — So often God brings victories out of defeats and very good things out of very bad things!  It happens over and over!

After all, is not the cross of Christ itself our best example?  It looked like a humiliating defeat, but it was a glorious victory.

And the postponement—how is it a Volcanic Victory?  Let me list a few of them:

Volcanic Victory # 1
When the volcano was daily headline news, a TV report discussed how it affected Ukraine. Mentioned in the report was the Singing Men of Texas’ having to postpone; so we received free national advertisement!

Volcanic Victory # 2
The people involved have more time to make even better preparations. Some have even said—we have discovered how to prepare better.

Volcanic Victory # 3
Anticipation is heightened by this delay. People are even more enthusiastic than ever!

Volcanic Victory # 4
Everybody has talked and talked—even those who were indifferent are now saying, “Wow!  What is this?  We must go see.”

Volcanic Victory # 5
There will be more prayer and better preparation and larger crowds as a result. It is now easier to get non-Christians to attend.

Volcanic Victory # 6
God’s wisdom is in this—who is it that the Lord wants to hear the Gospel who could not or would not have attended in April?  Is that person a modern day Paul or the future Billy Graham of Ukraine?

Volcanic Victory # 7
In every place where I went to explain the postponement, I was asked to preach, and not one invitation was given without people openly responding to Christ.  In five weeks—over 250 adult conversions! That’s before the tour even begins—think of that!

May I suggest that you slightly rewrite this letter and put it in the hands of all your prayer partners?  Let them read and be stirred to pray more.

Emphasize Romans 8:28 as a key verse.  Turn it the way God wants it turned—into a victory!  Positive victory!