Update from Michael and Jan Gott


Update from Michael and Jan Gott

We have just arrived back in Texas after being involved in Eastern Europe for the last 75 days!

We have now personally visited every site where we will hold a concert.  We have reviewed the leadership from the Ukrainian side and renewed our vow to them to make it into a very special event.  So that, everyone involved has been brought up to date and freshly encouraged and challenged.

The attitude is positive, and the expectancy level is high.

It now becomes our responsibility to intensify our own commitment to pray and to have our prayer team informed and focused on bold prayer support.  May each of us renew our faith in breakthrough prayer.

At this point, the matter of intense prayer is the most important issue before us.  It is not the site of the concert, organization, equipment, or a musically perfect program, as important as those are—it’s prayer for God’s blessing!  Let us be your example and join us to pray daily.

We must pray passionately and prepare for God’s blessing in spite of these troublesome political matters; God is in control!


2 thoughts on “Update from Michael and Jan Gott

  1. My prayers are going before and with you. May our God supply all your needs as He has promised. I pray for open hearts and minds to receive the message I know God has given you.

    Your sister in Christ and your partner in prayer,
    Leila Jenkins
    Northside Baptist Church of Corsicana, TX

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