Tuesday night concerts

Typing this on the IPhone so it will be short, and maybe not too many typos.

The audiences for tonight concert were amazing. Both concerts were almost full houses. The traffic didn’t keep close to 800 people away for the 5:00 concert.

They received us well and it was a wonderful night of worship.

There was close to 1,400 in combined attendance. Several hundred indicated on response cards they wanted to know more about Christ. This is a great first step for many and will give the church the chance to follow up with them.

One of our local Ukraine team members said that she understood every word of our three Russian songs. The audience enjoyed and sang along with us in Russian.

It has been a good day. We are tired and all are looking forward to a full nights sleep.

Keep praying for us and our concert tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday night concerts

  1. Glad things are going well. Praying for you and the people who will be blessed by you.

  2. what a wonderful report. We are praying for you and the precious souls to whom you sing. May they be responsive – and may each of you be given safety and endurance for the duration of your concerts.

  3. its exciting to know so many are hearing the word through your ministry, will keep praying as you continue to do the Lords work. Blessings

  4. My heart was filled with joy at the news of the concert responses and the safe travel. We are all praying at Woodlawn and look forward to the nightly information reports. God Bless you all.

  5. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. We are praying for everyone night and day – for the Spirit to minister to the believers as well as new believers and to the families of all. Give my brother Steve a hug for me and catch a hug from Heaven!

  6. Y’all are in our prayers. Tell Bill K that FBC, College Station will be praying specifically for all of you this evening.

  7. Our third concert is about to begin, the room is filling up, our men and ministry partners are praying, the people are excited and there is a sense of God’s presence. Please pray that people will see God tonight as they hear the music and respond to the Gospel message as it is preached. Soli Deo Gloria!

  8. Happy Birthday to Glen Vanlandingham! Hope the SMOT will sing to him. He will hit the big 60 on October 23.

  9. Thank you for spreading the word of our Lord Jesus Christ through music to those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to accept him. Good Luck as we pray for continued success during your time in the Ukraine!

  10. God Bless the Singing Men of Texas and there followers for doing the Lords work. I pray you reach the lost in a very Blessed Way through your music, which is the same as Gods Words.
    Praying for ya’ll always.
    North Baptist Church

  11. Praise the Lord for the Singing Men of North Central Texas. Northern California men in Walnut Creek, CA are praying for all of you, your ministry, and your bold witness. We are also hopeful that the SF Giants will play the Texas Rangers in the World Series.

    Love you, Bro’ Bob Mathews and Sis’ Janis !!!

    John & Mary Kelly

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