Sailing On – Saturday Night

It’s Midnight in Dnipropetrovsk and the ship is just departing to take us to our next city. This concept of chartering the boat for our transport and hotel has really worked well on several levels. Just the sheer fact of not having to unpack and repack each day and ride on buses for hours is reason number 1. As we sleep tonight, we’ll be in Zaporozhye in time to attend 4 different churches in the morning.

Our concerts tonight were good. Though the attendance was perhaps a little less than what we’ve been used to at least in terms of the house being full, it was a wonderful night of worship and proclaiming Jesus again. We estimate that we had combined in both concerts around 1300 that came. And again, there were many obstacles that may have hindered others from coming.

We were excited to see several of our ship’s staff and crew in attendance at the early concert. We hope and pray that they were blessed as a result of coming to the concert. We really have been treated like royalty on board the ship. Especially by the ladies that wait on us in the restaurants. They have been wonderful.

One specific praise the Lord is for a brand Christian brother who accepted Christ tonight. This man was the driver of one of four buses that transported us to the concert sight. He was driving “Bus D”. He came and attended the concert. Really rare that bus drivers will do that, even back in the states. Afterward he asked how he could ask this Jesus into his life. As we began to unload back at the ship Michael Gott led all of us on the bus in a prayer for this man and his new life in Christ.

God continues to move all around us. What an exciting journey to be on.

Pray for our safe passage tonight and our double concert tomorrow at the Glinka Concert Hall in Zaporozhye.

I failed to mention earlier today, the ship was certainly abuzz this morning as we awoke to the good news of the Texas Rangers! There are lots of Ranger fans on this boat for sure. Perhaps Rex Campbell said it best on his facebook page this morning:
There’s a river boat rockin’ in Ukraine this morning and some sleepy Singing Men of Texas are on it. Way to go Rangers!

We tired to get some video loaded earlier today but had some trouble getting that done. Maybe tomorrow we can fix that.

God bless, thanks for your continued prayer and may each of you have a great Lord’s day back in the states or wherever in the world you might be.

Indeed, How Great Is Our God!!

5 thoughts on “Sailing On – Saturday Night

  1. It is exciting to “go” on this trip with you. The blessings you receive, I receive as well. God provides us such great technology to accomplish this. Thanks!

  2. I am truly enjoying the pictures and blogs from this wonderful mission trip! I love the story about the bus driver and will be in prayer for him and all hearts y’all are still to encounter. May angels gaurd y’all and the Holy Spirit guide your every word and thought! Oh…and GOOOOOO RANGERS!!!

  3. DeeDee, that’s how I feel too! Like I’m right there! Excellent tellings, keep’em comin’!

  4. There are thousands of people praying for you and God is listening! praise Him for His amazing works both seen and unseen! We are all so proud of all of you!

  5. It was pure joy to experience your concert first hand in Dnipropetrovsk. As your IMB missionary in Ukraine, I appreciated Larry Shields and others inviting me to the concert.
    Also, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of you. Another joy was to see your ship dock in Zaparozhia on Sunday morning, knowing that you would be in numerous churches around the city.
    Thank you for coming and sharing Christ with Ukraine. I am praying for the rest of your journey. May God bless you.

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