Saturday in Dnipropetrovsk

We docked in Dnipropetrovsk about midnight Friday night. This city of 1 million people is our divine appointment today.

As you heard from John Bell yesterday the Central Baptist Church here burned to the ground. We are heart broke for this church losing it’s building, but fortunately no one was injured as far as we know. The cause has not been determined yet. Pray for this church.

Our two concerts have been relocated to a concert hall that we were able to rent on short notice. Thanks goes to those who have attended our concerts over the past couple of years and have given so graciously, the Singing Men are able to pay the $2,000 to rent the hall with no problem. God is always so good at providing for our needs.

The entire team of partners and Singing Men are making pledges to send when we get home to help this church rebuild. Michael Gott challenged us this morning to make appeals to our local churches to help as well. We are seeing if among us and the churches we represent if we can raise at least $50,000 to send back to this church here in Dnipropetrovsk.

The positive side to this story is the publicity that fire has received has thrown more publicity on our being here and the concert getting relocated. We hit the streets this morning to pass out flyers announcing the change in venue. Pray that the flyers that are passed out will bring people to the concert.

Also, if you are so impressed by the Lord, ask your church, perhaps even this Sunday, if they would be willing to make an offering for this church here. All gifts are being handled through the Michael Gott International website and ministry. We are confident that our great God will turn this tragedy into a triumph. They will be able to build a much nicer building, perhaps even in a better location, and be able to reach many more people.

On Friday, our day was spent sailing down the river, so we did not have a public concert. The crew normally presents a talent show as part of their normal cruise package, and last night they did. It was a wonderful time as we all crammed into the Sky Bar (where we meet each day for devotional, it’s become a sanctuary this  week).  After the talent show, the Singing Men lined the room and we sang several songs for the crew of the ship that has waited on us all week. Michael Gott also shared from his heart a simple gospel message. Pray that the words from our mouth and the message from our lives will continue to speak to every person we encounter.

God is working through us this week, and we so appreciate the prayers from home. Please continue. Pray today specifically for:

The flyers that were passed out this morning to have results in getting people to the new concert location.

For the two concerts at 5 and 7 (8 am & 10 am Texas time). That many people will come and many will find Jesus Christ.

Pray for our continued health and safety as we travel.

Pray for the recovery of the Central Baptist Church and that funds can be raised for them to rebuild quickly. Churches aren’t able to borrow money here, interest rates are too high.

We’ll end this post with that. Thanks again for your prayer support. Be watching for some pictures and video to follow.

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  1. If we want to contribute individually to the Central Baptist Church, how do we do that? Are specific instructions provided anywhere? This feels like the New Testament churches that often supported one another financially during difficult times.

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