Plenty Good Room

Plenty good room,
plenty good room,
plenty good room
in my Father’s Kingdom …

That is the start of one of our songs that we are singing. Last night as we sang this song, there was not plenty of room. The church sanctuary literally was busting at the seams with people. We estimate there was 1,500 people who were there or tried to get in. This is in a room that seats maybe 850.

It has been ironic these two weeks as we sing that song each night to see ushers and our team members trying to seat people in the concerts. How good it is to know that there really is plenty of room in God’s Kingdom for all who will come.

The concert last night was truly an amazing time of worship with some wonderful people. We rejoice in the fact that 546 made decisions for Christ. Praise be to God!

Jesus says in John 4:38: “I sent you to harvest a field you never worked. Without lifting a finger, you have walked in on a field worked long and hard by others.”

We were reminded this morning of the sacrifice and suffering of many over past decades in Ukraine. Many who came before us that literally gave their lives for the cause of Christ. Of pastors that were thrown into prison and died.

But praise be to God, doors have been opened and we have been able to be some who have come and shared during this time. We are indeed blessed and privileged to be sent here for this purpose. What a harvest we have seen. And the good news is, there is still plenty of good room left.

We are now docked in Odesa and our boat ride is over. We will do a little sight seeing here today and tomorrow. We have concerts tonight and tomorrow before we return home. Pray for our concert at the First Baptist Church in Odesa at 7:00 p.m. (11:00 a.m. CDT)

Continue to pray for us these last two days for us to finish strong. Pray that we will be good witnesses as we go into the city.

4 thoughts on “Plenty Good Room

  1. You’re all still being lifted up to the Lord daily….may God continue being glorified. We serve an AWESOME GOD!

  2. I’m also praying for your strength when you come home and that the blessings will continue here for you and yours and throughout our Country as well as in Ukraine. Praising God for the harvest!

  3. I spoke to the son of one of these talented men that is in this group. I failed to get his name but I do remember that he is a retired Pastor and can play several musical instruments. He spoke of your mission trip to the UK. It was so encouraging to speak to another Christian. I went to your blog and listen to the songs. This made my day.
    I pray for your safe return and your mission will bring others to know Christ.

  4. I pray for a safe and speedy return home for all of you. You have all been such a wonderful witness!

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