Final Leg

We are docked in the port of Odessa. Have learned that Odessa, Texas is more than likely named after Odessa Ukraine. The word in Greek means place without water. Descriptive of Texas, not so much here, as we sit on the Black Sea coast.

Our first concert last night went great. I didn’t really get a good attendance count but with the church’s three story balcony level being full all the way up, there could have been as many as 1,500. The best news though is that 500 responded and checked on the decision card that they responded to Christ.

That puts over 4,000 these past 11 days that have responded positively to Christ in our concerts and one more to go. Praise the Lord!

Tonight we sing in the Philharmonic Hall in the city center here in Odessa. There is a huge lighted banner/billboard in front of it announcing our concert.

Our whole team has been challenged all week to see the bigness and greatness of God who would orchestrate all of this. Michael Gott has spent each morning teaching us a proper view of evangelism and ministry. I think each of us will look at evangelism and even how we do church when we get back home.

Thank you so much for your prayer support back home. You have been a vital part of what God has done here in Ukraine this week and last.

Will attempt to post a final report from tonight with pictures and wrap up either tonight after the concert, or from our hotel in Kiev after our bus ride tomorrow.

Pray for our concert tonight at 7:00 p.m. (11:00 Texas)
Pray for our safety tomorrow as we travel by motor coach back to Kiev.

Thanks again.

Enjoy pictures from last night at First Baptist Odessa.

4 thoughts on “Final Leg

  1. it has been uplifting to be able to read and see what wonderful work God has done throughout your ministry in Ukraine. So many souls that will experience the wonderful life in
    Christ here on earth and in HEAVEN . I know you are tired but extremely blessed by what God has done through you and for you. I will pray for safe journey back home. thanks for sharing your trip with me. God continue His blessing on each one of you.

  2. It has been great to follow this wonderful mission trip to the Ukraine through this site. Thanks to Derrel Thompson and John Bell for the words, to Rex Campbell for the videos, and to Stephen Passmore and Antonina Kreposniak for the amazing photos. I hope it’s not too late to request that they be on the other side of the camera for at least one photograph.

    Thanks for the dedication of each team member. I’m sure you’ve received as you’ve been giving. May God give each of you a safe journey back to your home church. And I pray His continuing blessings on your ministry for Him there.

  3. I too have been blessed beyond measure guys for your taking us with you to the Ukraine. I have and continue to stand in the gap for you in prayer. The Greek word may mean without water, but you guys have taken them the “living water” and the Ukraine will never be the same! Praise be to God!

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