Splendid Harvest


This is the name of a cargo ship that was docked across from us in Odessa.
How fitting a name for us to see both mornings in Odessa.

It has been a Splendid Harvest these past 12 days in Ukraine.

With all praise to the Father for what He has done in the hearts and lives of so many here in Ukraine, we announce that our records indicated 4,567 people responded to the invitation to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our best guess and estimate is that as many as 10,600 attended one of the 11 concerts across the country.

A constant theme this week has been “How Great Is Our God”. Not only just a song that we sing, but truly our statement of faith and belief. And for many of us (this blog writer for sure) it has opened our eyes to how little we really believe that. Only a great and mighty God, that loves us so much, can orchestrate and pull off what has taken place in this place.

As we closed out last night on the ship, we paused in the Sky Bar and gave thanks to God and thanked many others. Our time has come to an end and we are sad to leave this place and the people we have met.

We know that it is not about just counting numbers and that number represents real people. Only God knows the full increase. And in the weeks and months to come, we pray that number only increases as the seed that has been planted takes root.

We were faithful to exalt Jesus and we claim His promise that He will draw all men unto Him when we do that.

This trip was so multi-faceted that it took many many people to accomplish it. We would be remiss if we did not thank a few people here.

Don Blackley & John Bell, our director and Past President of SMOT, have tirelessly worked on this for over three years.

Michael and Jan Gott. The Singing Men of Texas are indeed blessed to have joined in partnership with these two giants of faith. Jan worked as our travel agent and chief of all details. Michael challenged us each morning and was our spiritual anchor.

The Gott Ukraine Team. We worked alongside some amazing students & young adults who are Ukrainian Christians. They worked day and night and some times all night long to be our support staff in so many ways. They were our bus captains, interpreters, sound techs, and so many other things.

Our Mission Partners. This was a first for Singing Men to invite others besides our wives to go alongside of us. They helped pay for the ship charter, they loaded and unloaded support material. They taught English classes, they greeted, they prayed. What an amazing group of people we had with us on this trip. They freed us up to just concentrate on singing and presenting the gospel in song. We could not have done a trip of this magnitude with out them. We are grateful.

And to our prayer partners back home and wherever in the world you are reading this from. From the outset the goal was to have 10,000 people praying. Only God knows if we reached that or not, but without your fervent prayer to the Father, none of this would happen. Thank you for praying for us and encouraging us with your comments here on the blog. Many of the men will read them after we get back and it will bring blessing to their lives.

As we settle in for our final night here in Ukraine, we are tired but our hearts are stirred to what God has done. We return back to our churches with a renewed passion to reach others for Christ.

Pray for our safe travel on three flights back to the USA. The first group leaves in a few hours on a 5:35 a.m. flight via Frankfurt and arrives home tomorrow. The other two groups will depart mid morning and fly via Amsterdam and London overnight and arrive home on Saturday.

On a personal note, It has been my honor to write this blog for the trip. Thanks to all for the kind words and notes of encouragement. I don’t consider myself a writer, but simply wanted to communicate back home what God was doing and to let you know what to pray for next. I hope in some small way, God has used this to help you experience this wonderful experience.

God Bless
Derrel Thompson,
Treasurer and Blogger for Singing Men of North Central Texas


8 thoughts on “Splendid Harvest

  1. I can’t wait to welcome my brother home and hear from his heart even more about y’all’s blessed time ministering together and to each other as well. I am confident in our Heavenly Father’s faithfulness to continue spreading the Good News throughout Ukraine and here at home and all over the world. Thank you all for ministering wherever you go. Your loved ones, congregation, and everyone your lives touch are in my prayers to the faithful One. More grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ and for His work in and through you than words can express – a sister in Christ forever.

  2. Derrel, you did a WONDERFUL job communicating during the UK trip. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you in these blogs.

    Thank you for letting us know the many people it takes to plan and maintain these trips. You’re so right…they’ll never know the full harvest until they reach Heaven.

    And thank you for posting the beautiful photos by Antonina. God has given her a gift in her photography. I really enjoyed seeing the UK audience and the closeups of their faces. Each one of those faces represents an eternal soul…

    Praying for safe journeys home for all involved and no delays…

  3. so ready for every one to be home safe and sound. I know ya’ll are probably ready to sleep in your own beds! We Love you and continue to pray for you.

  4. Oh Darrell thank you again so much for keeping us up to date on these. You have truly been a blessing and inspiration each day for me to read these. I would keep SMOT up on my screen and continue pressing Refresh to hopefully see some new information! Ya’ll will never know the lives you have touched not just there, but through this, mine included. God has blessed and He has been faithful. He has allowed me to pray for you fervently and with zeal and passion. I love each of you so dearly and Praise God for allowing Tim to be a part of such a wonderful and amazing group of men! Thank you Singing Men for your commitment and faithfulness to following God in obedience. It truly has been a “Splendid Harvest”!

  5. Splendid Harvest indeed! Now that’s a sign from God if I’ve ever seen one. I think He approved! 🙂 Thank you again for taking us along with you. It has been a blessing to pray for y’all and learn of your trials and triumphs! If you weren’t a writer, you are now.

    May God continually lead and bless all ministries involved, and may His name be praised louder and louder through-out the Ukraine and the entire world!

  6. So enjoyed reading the blog and seeing the pictures of the people at the concerts especially! Praying for safe travel for all of you.

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blessing.
    We could not have imagined the size and intensity of the crowds that squeezed into the churches without your pictures. Praise God! What an amazing harvest. I pray that those who have been involved will continue to pray for Michael and Jan Gott and Allison Ware and the rest of their team each year as they return to the Ukraine to encourage and build up these that have heard and accepted Christ as their lord and also to water the seeds that have been planted. Praise God!!

  8. It is wonderful to hear of the blessings of this mission trip and the wonderful response of the people in the Ukraine.

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