28 Days To Go

ImageIn 28 short days the Singing Men of North Central Texas will return to Ukraine to proclaim, sing, and share about God’s amazing love and grace.

It has been only 18 months since we were last there. For many of us the memories are still fresh in our minds and hearts of those special God filled days in the fall of 2010.

A new concert order has been prepared.

We have sung in many concerts since that trip and have learned and memorized new music to share.

Our leadership team from SMONCT as well as the leadership team of Michael Gott International have worked some long hours in preparing to go.

We stand on the threshold of another move of God, we can hardly contain ourselves.

Read below a report from our Trip Coordinator Larry Collins after meeting with Michael & Jan Gott, our evangelist that we have partnered with, from their experience this past winter in Ukraine.

Michael and Jan absolutely glowed with excitement as they told us about the overwhelming successes of their most recent English Evangelism schools in Ukraine. Michael was as animated and as wide-eyed as I’ve ever seen him. He said it was the most remarkable 6 weeks they have ever spent in Ukraine. Despite record-setting cold, which hit minus 30 degrees outside, resulting in temperatures that stayed well below freezing inside, they had record enrollments!

In Kiev, they enrolled 1200 and averaged 1000 per day in attendance, despite the bitter cold. People showed up in great spirits, laughing and enjoyed the classes although they were never able to take off their heavy coats, hats and gloves. They actually were relishing the bitter cold! Out of the 1000 who attended, 600 made written decisions for Christ and 300 of those are already meeting weekly in follow-up classes!!

They had a terrific meeting with the leadership of all of the churches where we will be. They all traveled together for a meeting in Odessa. Everything about the meeting was positive! The leaders are all excited about our coming, they have teams in place, and are doing everything they can to promote the events and bring in the lost. Their support is strong, unified, and enthusiastic! They will be ready!

The stage is set. The Singing Men are ready. Michael Gott is ready. Our mission partners that are going with us are ready.

Now all we need is . . .


We desperately need your prayer support as we go. Included in this blog is a detailed Guide to Prayer that has been prepared for you to follow along with us and to pray daily. We are looking for thousands to join us in asking God to do his supernatural work once again in the hearts and lives of the people of Ukraine and Crimea. This blog site will be active once again in sharing prayer request and praises of what God will be doing during our days in Ukraine.

You can be a vital part of this mission. Be our prayer partner. If you know a team member personally or are a part of one the churches of a Singing Men member, ask them for a copy of the prayer guide.

Below is a link to a PDF booklet of the prayer guide that you can print doubled sided.


We can’t wait to see what God is going to do. 28 days and counting . . . here we go!

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