Urgent prayer request

Pray for the daughter in law of one of our guys, Loyce Millam. Her name is Carrie Millam. She is to have emergency surgery on Wednesday afternoon for gall stones that have invaded her liver. It is a very serious and life threatening situation. Loyce is here with us. Pray for her and her husband.

All is well here on a gorgeous morning in the port of Odessa. Ready to see what God is going to do.

9 thoughts on “Urgent prayer request

  1. Up early here in Texad. We will pray specifically for this request. Tell Tim hello.
    Chris Liebrum

  2. Already praying and knwoing God has a plan!! Excited to hear what He has in store. Also praying for the daughter-in-law of Loyce.

  3. Praying, and remembering how the fire last time brought Him more glory than our plans did!

  4. Praying specifically for these two requests. May God show Himself sovereign in this situation.
    Glynda & Bobby King

  5. Hey guys. Our choir and orchestra prayed for you last night. We pray every time God brings you to my mind. I am excited for what God is going to do. I remember the blessings from last time and know He has even more in store this time. Michael I pray you would be able to share the gospel so clearly and directly to the hearts of the people. Don may God use you to lead and inspire the singers and musicians each concert. I am praying for the captain and staff of the ship. I know you all will have some great influence on them as well.

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