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Kherson / Nikolaev April 27, 2012- Ministry Day 2

One of the key components to this mission is the message that is spoken at each concert. Michael Gott with the use of an interpreter gives a concise yet clear gospel presentation. He uses the bridge illustration as he talks about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I had hoped to insert a short snippet of Michael speaking in the concert tonight in Nikolaev. The house was packed and a few hundred were turned away. The video I took was taken from off stage after the choir had been seated. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find a faster connection and get it and some pictures uploaded. Doing our best we can with what Internet we do have. I had really wanted to post it live during the service.

A song that we are singing is entitled “This Is My Word”. Taken from scripture it says in part,

And the word of my mouth, it shall not return empty. It will bless the earth wherever it is heard.

Every night we sing we are seeing these words come to life in front of us. As we exalt our great Savior, He is true to His word and is drawing men and women to Himself. Between the songs that we sing and the sermon Michael brings, THE Message, that of the need for repentance and forgiveness of sin only through Jesus, is being heard loud and clear in Ukraine this week.

Tonight’s attendance was around 1,700 with at least 2,000 CDs given away. We rejoice for the 757 decision that were made tonight for the Kingdom.

What a blessing is ours to be a part of this wonderful mission. Thank you for your continued prayers. Pray for the concert in Kherson tomorrow night.

Also things are resolved in Yalta and we have a place to sing. Also had good news on Carrie Milam who did survive her surgery and is on the road to recovery. Word is the doctors really had no explanation as to why her condition changed so dramatically, but we know the real reason!

3 thoughts on “The Message

  1. We are blessed to see such an amazing response to you and through our prayers! Praise the Lord, our Savior and Redeemer!

  2. Guys (and gals)- as you start your day and I end mine here, I have spent time rejoicing over the adventure so far and then praying for you for the day and ministry to come. Daunn and I send our love to you all and pray for continued amazing grace, abundant harvests, and smooooth sailing. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

  3. Tears filled my eyes and the Spirit of God was powerfully present as I started praying for this missionary concert journey,yesterday, especailly for the way to be cleared for the concert on the anniversary of Chernoble. May the presence of the Lord go with you so that each of you can experience the power of His transforming love. For one must have it before one can give it away!!! Blessings, blessings and His grace be upon you all!!! Changed lives, change lives!!!

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