8 thoughts on “Some pictures

  1. Exciting to know God’s handiwork is continuing as His power through SMONCT is exhibited each venue!!! “Thank You” Lord for the power of “The Word” to change people’s lives!! We are praying.


  2. Sure is a friendly man in that last picture!! Looks like he’s done that a time or two before! Oh, it’s my Dad!! Glad to see everyone smiling and SAFE!! Send Joe and Sherry Coombes love from their kids and tell them we miss them and are praying for everyone!! Thanks!
    Hillary Scott

  3. Loved the pictures. It helps us to really see all you men are doing in God’s name.

  4. You are covered with prayer! Looks like God is moving, your
    faces say it all. Bless the Lord!
    Tim Lockhart

  5. Thanks for the pictures and for keeping us updated! I am awed by all the decisions made for Christ! THANK YOU, FATHER!!!!
    It was great to see Steve and Sharon Maxwell on one of the pictures——-please give them our love from Park Central Baptist.
    Pam Hanko

  6. I see Bryant has some comrades hamming in life jackets! Having fun praising the Father.

  7. Hi Mickey From all your friends in Granbury! You all sound great thanks for the music clips, and all the photos. What an awesome God we serve, Praise the Lord for all the ones coming to know Jesus as their Saviour.
    See you soon.

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