Ancient Words in an Ancient Place for a Modern People

Last night the Singing Men of Texas sang in a theater that is 100 years old. It was an old opera house type of theater. (We’ll try and get pictures up later, still not a lot of bandwidth for Internet, apologies)

Michael Gott told us that as far as he knew and could tell, we were perhaps the very first group to ever proclaim a gospel message in that building or location. As we sang songs, some old, some newer, but all about the ancient and immortal text of Scripture, God’s spirit was ever present in touching the lives of those present last night.

The city of Evapatoria looked very modern and yet at the same time very old as well. As soon as the doors were open, the seats filled quickly all the way up to a very high third balcony.

As we entered the stage at 6:00 p.m. the people cheered and clapped for us. They were a very enthusiastic crowd.

Knowing that we were perhaps the first group to present the gospel in this place really impacted our performance and motivated us to sing even better and clearer.

Michael’s presentation of the gospel was concise and clear. We estimate that there were at least 1,000 people in attendance. After counting the decision cards that were turned in, we rejoice over the 367 people who responded to Christ tonight.

As we begin a new day on this Lord’s day, we will be dividing into 3 groups and attend local churches in Sevastopol. The ship is just pulling out of the dock and we’ll dock there in about 3 and half hours. Several men will sing solos and share in those services. Tonight will be another concert at 6:00 our time (10:00 am in Texas). We hope churches all across Texas and elsewhere will say a special prayer for our time tonight in Sevastopol.

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  1. “The Ancient Word” is always new & fresh when the Holy Spirit breathes Life anew through His servants!! Will be praying for God’s power & protection as the group travels & proclaims His truth & salvation!!


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