Singing In Russian

Every night when Michael Gott tells the audience that we will be singing in Russian the crowd lets out an audible ooh and aah. Here is “King of Kings” that we sing in Russian. The duet is by Jim Clayman and Glenn Jones.

It is shot from the balcony so it’s not a close up, but you can get the idea.

5 thoughts on “Singing In Russian

  1. You guys continue to amaze me and bless me with the news of the trip. God is truly working in the lives of those you are in contact with!

  2. My 1st graders are following where you are on the map and looking at all of the pictures and listening to all the videos. (Great Social Studies material) These are public school children. However, when they ask why you are traveling and doing these concerts, I have been able to tell them that God is so important to us that we want everyone to know how much He loves us and what He has done for us! So, while you are miles away on mission, God is also working through you back home.

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