Walking Into the Presence of Heaven

“Tonight was like walking into the presence of heaven”

This is a direct quote from a woman at our concert tonight. She told this to Mike Scifres from Checotah, Oklahoma who is one our many mission partners.

Tonight’s audience was the most enthusiastic and responsive so far this trip. And given the background of issues around this concert, this blog article could have several titles tonight.


“Third Time Is the Charm”
The churches that were sponsoring this concert in Sevastopol ran into quite a roadblock just two weeks ago when the concert hall that had been booked and paid for was suddenly canceled on them. Then after securing another hall it was cancelled as well. So they found a third hall and this is where the concert was tonight. And wow! It was the best hall we have sung in so far. It was larger than the other two choices, and it’s location was in an area that would actually get more people to come than the original location.

The building was filled beyond capacity. Estimates are around 1,300 people were in attendance. Praise the Lord for 738 decisions for Christ.

“A Dream Come True”
A disabled administrative pastor of one the churches here who is in a wheelchair was the key person who would not take no for an answer and kept pushing till a hall was secured. His name is Vladimir. It was his dream to have this concert in his city. It is stories like his that make this trip so special. In so many places God’s people have done some incredible things, all so that people will come to know Jesus in a personal way.


We are seeing prayers answered everywhere we go. Thanks to so many individuals and churches who were praying for us as you were having church services back in Texas as we sang tonight Ukraine. We know without a doubt that you are playing a vital role in this mission.

We have two more days of concerts left. We have a bus trip inland over the mountains tomorrow to Simferopol. This will make for a late night tomorrow.

Keep praying.

7 thoughts on “Walking Into the Presence of Heaven

  1. We are praying for your safety, God’s work, and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives and hearts of the people of Ukraine. Praise God for overcoming pressure and problems to make this mission a continued success for His children!

  2. Praise God for this faithful & faith filled man who found not one,but a second hall, and finally a third hall, the largest of them all. This man wanted to hear the music and God’s word preached and he made a way by relying on the Lord. Blessings, peace and mercy for this brave young man. He is walking hand in hand with his Lord to get His message out. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. God’s hand is certainly on this tour and this man’s heart.

    We stand with you in Mansfield……PRAY ON!

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