Pictures from Sevestopal

Just noticed our friend Vladimir has posted an album of pictures in the comment section. Here is the link, they look like some great pics taken yesterday as we went to 3 churches and then the concert in Sevestopal. Than you Vladimir for posting and for all you did to get the concert off the ground.

5 thoughts on “Pictures from Sevestopal

  1. These photos did not me. This was done by his brother Paul. I was busy organizing the concert. But I realized that you still can not place a lot of pictures, so I decided to share a link to this album to our friends in Texas, they were able to see you. )))))

    • Thank you for posting the pictures. Paul did well and I really enjoyed the pictures. Also, thank you, Vladimir, for working so hard to make sure the concert happened. Большое спасибо! Господь тебя благослови.

    • Thank you for giving us in Texas a glimpse of the people who helped put together the opportunity for our men and God’s message to be shared in Sevestopal. The photos are precious. God bless you all!

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