Pleading God’s Promises

We have finished our concert in Simferopol and are back to the ship which is docked in Sevestopol. It is departing at midnight and will take us to our final concert location in Yalta.

Tonight once again the hall was filled to overflowing. The concert hall seated over 1,300 and it was standing room only. Approximately 200 people were turned away. Once again we were warmly received. The audience especially enjoyed our two Russian songs and clapped enthusiastically as we started singing in their mother tongue.

There were 574 people who responded yes to question number three on the commitment card. That question is: Tonight I want to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This morning in our devotional time, Michael talked to us on the subject of claiming for our personal lives the promises of God. When we plead the promises of God, He is faithful to keep those promises. Tonight during our prayer time, Don Blackley had us share promises that we wanted to claim. It was great to hear several guys respond with different scripture promises. One of the most popular one is the promise that if we lift up Jesus, He will draw all men to Himself.

We are seeing that once again in Ukraine every night. God is continuing to work in the lives of the people of Ukraine as well as the lives of each of us on the trip.

Thanks for the great comments to our blog. I’m sure that the team will read them once we get back to the States. I shared the comment of Kelly Moore with our guys tonight before the concert. It was very touching to hear about her first grade class. She made a comment on the singing in Russian post.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is our last concerts. We do 2 tomorrow and the concerts are going to be right where they were originally scheduled for. God is indeed good.

It is late here, so I’m going to quit here. I do hope to add a bunch of pictures tomorrow. Thanks again for your prayer support. Keep praying, we know and claim the promise that God hears and answers the prayers of the righteous.

Till tomorrow…..

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  1. We pray that as God is drawing all men unto himself in the Ukraine using the SMONCT, that you will bring that fire of the Spirit home to us so we may also be drawn to the Father!

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