Sailing Away From Yalta

Today at noon we sailed away fromYalta. In many ways we didn’t want to leave. I took some random photos on the top deck as we sailed. Tried to get a sampling of lots of our singers and partners.

Here is the link to the photos.!388&parid=43A35FC2E6A5D0AE!103&authkey=!AMv-NwNPPdtFMmg

4 thoughts on “Sailing Away From Yalta

  1. Excited to see pics of everyone able to relax after a demanding scedule BUT very nostalgic wishing we had been able to be there with all our DEAR friends!!! What a privilege to serve the Lord together as the SMONCT!! Be safe and look forward with joy and anticipation of the wonderful stories each of you will have to share with us at Sunnyvale.


  2. Thanks for posting the pictures and keeping us back in Texas informed. Great job Mr. Thompson. Praying for safe sailing and even safer flight back to the States. Pray On!

    St. John’s Lutheran Church
    Mansfield, Tx.

  3. I’ll always treasure seeing the sun set on Yalta bay. The end of a memorable trip.
    colleen beeson, Granbury, TX

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