To Ukraine Again . . . Fall 2012

In case you have not heard, the Singing Men of Texas are returning to Ukraine for another mission with Michael Gott.

This time it is the combined chapters of the Singing Men of Texas, not just the North Central chapter. There are about a dozen from North Central that are making the trip.

The group leaves this Sunday, September 23 and will return on October 4.

As in the past, we need your prayer support. We know that the prayers of those back home are important, and we want to see God work again in the lives of the people of Ukraine.

This trip is being led by Tim Studstill, director of the Music and Worship Team for Texas Baptists. About 80 singers, wives and other ministry partners will share the gospel along the Dnieper River in Ukraine.

Our prayer and trip updates will be held on two different blog sites this time. We won’t be using this one as much, though we’ll send a reminder every now and then.

Derrel Thompson will once again blog and give updates, but this time he is posting for Michael Gott International at their website.

Brent Trahan will be posting blogs and updates on a special Singing Men site at:

You can subscribe by email to both of them and you will receive notice when we do post something. Our hope is that those that are subscribed here, will subscribe and follow us at our new locations.

Both sites are up and running and already have things to read. Come join us and pray for us as we spread God’s love once again to the people of Ukraine.

Here is a link to a prayer guide that you can print and follow along with us.

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