A Word from Michael Gott on Intercessory Prayer

As we prepare for the trip to Ukraine in April, we are reminded of the importance of prayer. Evangelist Michael Gott has written an excellent article and challenges each of us to pray fervently for this upcoming mission. Below are Michael’s comments:

It is impossible to overstate the importance of intercessory prayer for Ukraine 2015 at this time. Final plans are being made related to the best possible schedule. Everyone in Ukraine remains positive.

Prayer meetings are being held in Ukraine now with an update on plans; the report is due soon. Pray and then pray again!

One cannot say the war in the East has had no impact. It has—and as always, our active concern relates to the well being and safety of our team coupled with evangelistic opportunities—both matter greatly.

Will this unrest in Ukraine cause some changes in schedule and inconvenience for us? — Most likely! But the positive side is this word: “Never will you go anyplace in the world and be needed more. Never will you be before people more willing to give the message of God an honest hearing. And also, never will you be involved with Christians who have prayed more intently!” said one of our most important team members in Ukraine. Frankly—it makes me want to leave for Ukraine today!

Mankind without God thinks he rules, but God in the shadows overrules!

We have confidence that providence has its vital place in the work of God. We must remain confident that God shuts doors and opens others. Long ago, a Puritan theologian said, “God would never permit evil if He could not bring good out of evil.” So then, if we have to change our plans, it is because God has something better in store. In faith we declare it and plan with that in mind.

The great Bible commentator Matthew Henry warmly expressed it: “God’s providences often seem to contradict His purposes, even when they are serving them.”

We must think in that way and pray with confident faith. God is in control!

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  1. Thanks Darrell for sharing yours and Michael’s thoughts and call to prayer! I look forward to keeping up with all of you and pray for a mighty outpouring of God’s power every step of the way! Many blessings to you all, Glenn Ward, Paluxy Baptist Association

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