First Groups Are Here

The first wave of our group have made it to Ukraine!  The groups flying through Amsterdam have arrived safely. Will report more later. Thanks for all your prayers. 

Update:  Nearly everybody is here and are either at hotels in Zhitomyr or enroute. There were a few that had some cancelations and missed flights but they will be making their way here by tomorrow. 

We have dinner together tonight and our first group meeting at our local host church. After that all will sleep good tonight. 

Pray for those that still are traveling. 

Pray for a good night’s rest for everyone.

Pray for God to be glorified in all that we do. 

Oh and it is cold here and actually snowed briefly while we were checking in. 

18 thoughts on “First Groups Are Here

  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thanks, Derrel..we wish we could have been there with you.

  2. Praise God. Praying for safety of all and for all equipment to arrive where it is suppose to be in a timely fashion. Also praying for all to get much needed rest before your 10 days of singing begins! God’s Blessings on your endeavors to spread God’s word through music.

    Carla Robinson
    Acton Baptist Church, Granbury, Texas

  3. Praise the Lord you have arrived safely. Praying for you to adjust quickly to the time change/jet lag and that your energy will be refueled by the passion to reach others for Christ.

  4. I know the group that went through Paris has arrived at the airport and loaded buses about an hour ago. It is a great thing to have wifi to use FaceTime audio call.

  5. Praise the Lord!! I know He will hold you all in His loving arms as you serve Him so joyfully in Ukraine!

  6. Hello from First Baptist Church, Round Rock! Praying for you all, including those still traveling! Enjoy your dinner and sleep well!

  7. More proof that God answers prayers! Thank you Lord for being so good to us! Continued prayers from Temple, Kilgore, and OKC!

  8. Thank you Lord for your watching over all of you in your travels and I know your Music will be wonderful. Stay healthy and remain safe.

  9. Praying daily! I know the Lord is with each of you, this trip is blessed and mighty things are going to happen! Amen and Amen

  10. Joe and I are so glad to hear of the safe arrivals. I am so sorry for how things turned out for Joe. Rest assured, we will be in fervent prayer for the whole trip. Would love to be with you.

  11. Thanking God for your safe arrival. Praying for God’s Mighty Hand to move across Ukraine!

  12. Thanking God! Answered prayer. Praying lives are touched and changed. Continued prayers.

  13. Almost nothing quiets the heart and prepares it to receive the Good News like beautiful music. Thank you for sharing the gospel message in song!

  14. Add the prayers of your brothers and sisters at Prairie Creek Baptist in Plano! GOD BLESS you all in your ministry and may HE bring many to know HIM! Fay & John Peek

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