A Bright and Brand New Day

This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Last night we were hosted by the wonderful church family of Central Baptist Church of Zhytomyr. They served us a wonderful buffet dinner that was enjoyed by our entire team. The special event of the evening was the church’s orchestra playing for us and giving us a short mini concert. They were wonderful and very talented. Bob Ball captured some video of them playing.  

The end of two days of travel came and we all were all most grateful for comfortable beds, rooms and showers. The weather is crisp and cool and yesterday was cloudy and rainy.

This morning many of us were surprised that we were wide awake so early. (4 – 5:30 am) The sun comes up here a bit earlier than it does in Central Texas. It is gorgeous crisp and cool bright sunny day.

The Singing Men will be rehearsing this morning while the Mission Partners hold some meetings and prepare for their work. The Central Baptist Church will feed us lunch and we will have our first devotional time with Michael Gott.

Then it is on to why we came. Two concerts at 5 and 7 PM (9 and 11 AM back in Texas) at the Kochergy Theater in Zhytomyr.

As you awake in America please pray for the following:

  • Pray to the Father for many to start a new relationship with Jesus tonight.
  • Pray for Michael Gott as he preaches and presents the Gospel.
  • Pray for Dan Baker, Todd Wilson, Jay Ghormley, and Don Blackley as they lead and direct the Singing Men.
  • Pray for our Mission Partners as they have direct contact with those that will attend the concert.
  • Pray for speed painter Lance Brown as he shares his gifts during the song “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us”
  • Pray for the Singing Men of Texas to have energy and strength as we sing the Gospel through music.

It’s going to be a great day here in Zhytomyr, Ukraine!

24 thoughts on “A Bright and Brand New Day

  1. So very happy for safe travels and wonderful sleep. Hope all things work well for y’all today. We are praying!

    Chris Ball, son of Robert Bsll

  2. Praying for you this morning as I rise! May God move mightily! May Satan be bound from all disruption and distraction so that the gospel will permeate the hearts of minds of those involved and present!

  3. May the Holy Spirit move in the hearts of all who attend as you share your gifts of music with the nation!

  4. So Good to hear from you all! So wonderful the path that our Father has set your foot to! Thank you for loving our Lord Jesus and wanting to share the Gospel of Love and Peace to the world. I pray for your safety and God’s grace and mercy be bestowed on you as you travel that land. Also, pray that many will come to know our Lord Jesus Christ by the message you are sharing! Love you all!

  5. Thanksgiving for safe travels and rest as you begin practicing and presenting the Message. Our prayers for good health and stamina will continue in the days and nights ahead.
    FBC, Abilene

  6. Praying for you as you prepare to share the Gospel within the next few hours. Praying as requested above and asking God to prepare hearts to receive and to believe the message as it is shared. Looking forward to the next blog update. Derrel Thompson I will miss seeing and working with you at the Food Pantry. Will will pray for your concerts as we circle this morning — in God’s perfect timing since it will be about 8:45 am our time And 4:45 pm your time just minutes before your concert. Glad you all arrived safely and got a good nights rest.

  7. Thanks Darrell and everyone participating in the great effort do Christ! I am praying with the prayer guide I received from Mickey last Sunday and also following on your daily email–May God bless you all with great strength physically and special anointing with His Spirit so that Jesus will be lifted high before the people so He may draw them to Himself!
    Love and blessings to all!

  8. As the people of Zhytomyr hear the word and the singing, may they be filled with gladness and joy and may sorrow and sighing flee away!

  9. Praying right now for a powerful start to the work God has in store for SMOTBROS and the great people of Ukraine. a-LEE-luia, boys! Bring it, Michael!

  10. Praying for you from FBC Round Rock! May the Holy Spirit touch the lives and hearts of all who hear, there in Ukraine..!

  11. So glad all made it there safely. We will continue to pray for the whole group as you travel through the country. God Bless!

  12. Thankful that you have had safe travel and now for the reward. I’m joining many in prayer for this mission and can’t wait to hear about the mighty things that God will do. How exciting to be able to sing for those who may only just now be hearing of God’s love. Praying for health, energy and the Holy Spirit as you present the word.

  13. The prayer guide is very helpful and we have been praying everyday for this to be a great time of uplifting and conversion for the people in that area. The Lord will use you mightily. We pray for your safety and health while you are there and for a safe trip back home. God bless you all.

  14. To God be the glory! Great things He is doing. This is a day of great rejoicing of mighty things at the Hand of the Lord!. PTL!

  15. The second concert has just ended as I read this. Praying that the seeds of faith which have been planted tonight are already taking firm root and for those who will follow up with cultivation of these new believers in Zhytomyr. Praising God for His messengers, SMOT brothers and mission partners, Michael Gott and his team.

  16. Wonderful Ministry, and Blessings to all withyou in Ukraine. PRAYING!!!

  17. Extra special prayers were sent your way this morning at food pantry as we joined in our circle of prayer at 9 am–the same time your first concert started at 5 pm. Also, prayers for continued good health for all.

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