Birdechev Concert Report

This morning Michael shared the results of last nights concert. There was an estimated attendance of 1,200. Praise the Lord for 516 that made a positive response to Christ. 

The team had another time with Michael before sharing our last lunch in Zhytomyr. 

We are currently traveling to Rivne. Two concerts at 5 and 7. Pray once again that God will move. 

Have more things to post but need to wait for stable internet. Hope everyone has a great day. 

12 thoughts on “Birdechev Concert Report

  1. Praying for your safe arrival in Rivne, no surprises with sound and set up, extra energy for two concerts and safe travel to L’viv. May this long day be filled with God’s blessings on you all.

  2. I go to bed praying for all of you and that everything will flow smoothly with no glitches. I wake up in the night praying and on awakening for the day again I am pleading with the LORD on your behalf as well as for the Ukrainian people.

  3. Rejoicing with all of you for the great blessings in the services with 1,200 who attended and heard the moving music and Gospel message, plus the 516 who already made commitments to Christ! May the Lord make the seeds planted come to fruition in many more who heard last night!
    Blessings to all for strength–physically and spiritually as you make this long day!

  4. As I write this, you are in the middle of concerts. May the hearts and lives of all those who hear be forever changed for Christ! From FBC Round Rock, TX.

  5. May the Lord continue to bless and convict and move others to make a decision for Him in
    addition to those who responded at the close of services. Continuing to pray for the safety,
    heath and spiritual blessings for all involved in leadership.

  6. Thanks for the update Charlie! I’ve been praying for a huge amount of people to come to Christ through this mission effort! Glad to see that God is answering this prayer. Be safe and know that you and the guys are being prayed over!

  7. Praise the Lord for sending you to share His light in the darkness! Lives will be forever changed!

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