Friday Morning Devotional – We Must Go To Samaria

Here is Michael’s devotional on Friday morning. For most of us, these times with him are a highlight of the trip. As one comment said, even though he may be speaking to Ministers, there is truth here for all of the church.

5 thoughts on “Friday Morning Devotional – We Must Go To Samaria

  1. Praying for a great response to the invitations given today. Also praying for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts of the people. I anticipate God will do great and mighty things!

  2. Praying for you today as you “go through Samaria”! May the Holy Spirit move unhindered in the lives of those who hear the gospel spoken and sung today! May you have supernatural stamina!

  3. My friend Judy (Neal T’s neighbor) had a vision while she was praying earlier this week. She was praying for God to protect everyone in the concert hall. God showed her that the prayers supporting the team were like glass blocks clicking into place in a wall around the building. The prayers kept stacking into place on a wall that circled the building and curved inward slightly as it neared the top. The blocks stopped before curving inward enough to form a roof. God’s grace, like liquid gold, poured out over the top to form the roof. The prayers of the saints and the grace of God completely covered the concert hall. What a marvelous vision of all of us working together for the glory of God.

    • Linda,

      What a blessing from the Lord to Judy. What a blessing to us on the trip as we feel the Spirit of God doing through our ministry that which only He can do! Certainly the prayers of all our friends are helping to shelter us and allow us to be used for God’s glory.

      Keep praying, my dear friends!

      • Oh, yes, Neal, we will continue to pray and to rejoice as we get the reports of this God-sized mission. What an encouragement to us all.
        Until soon.
        Be blessed,

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