Jesus Loves the Little Children

This comes from Singing Men member Glenn Jones from his Facebook post early this morning.

This is why we do what we do in Ukraine. A little Ukrainian girl sits in front of this canvas painted during our concerts set to music. Notice the unintentional camera angle of the image of Jesus almost kissing the head of the child as to say I love the Ukrainians as much as I love all the world.

little girl painting

8 thoughts on “Jesus Loves the Little Children

  1. I love this photo! Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus to “all the children of the world”. All are precious to Jesus. May you feel God’s presence as you share His love and grace today!

  2. What a great picture! Yes, indeed, The Lord does love “all the children of the world!”
    May He empower the whole mission team and musicians with His Spirit for every effort of ministry in His name that will lift Jesus high and “draw all people to Himself”! Grace and peace to you all!

  3. What a wonderful world it will be when all the children in every nation know that Jesus loves them, “for the Bible tells them so”. Thank you for sharing this photo with all of us.

  4. What a precious picture, thank you for sharing and spreading the love of our gracious Lord and Savior to little children and everyone who will listen.

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