8 thoughts on “Our Thank You Song For the Zhytomyr Church

  1. Beautiful Breakfast melody for me. Praying for two great concerts tonight as you are singing the first right now.

  2. Fantastic! Know this was a blessing to all of you as much as to the hosts. Continued prayers.

  3. How beautiful! The people must have been so blessed by your presence during your time there. I know you will be forever in their hearts, as they will be in yours.
    Praying for you daily as you continue sharing Christ in word and song.
    Take good care of my husband! ☺
    Donna Terwilliger

    • We are trying to take good care of Neal. But he is doing a better job of taking care of us. O captain, my captain! Blessings to you, Donna!

    • I am surrounded by many brothers and sisters in Christ. So far the grace of God has been a blessing as we all seem to be united, courteous, and loving. Thanking God for my loving wife who is praying for us!

  4. For your information, the English words to this song are: “We thank you for all the kindness that you have shown. For loving us this way. May God bless you one and all. May He guide you day by day”. We sing this each month to those who serve us in each church we visit.

  5. The thank you song was beautiful and gave me chills. I know the people who served God by serving you were honored by your beautiful music. Just another example of sharing God’s love in such a special way. Thanks for sharing God’s love!

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