Rivne Concert Report

Just have a brief time to update from last night. Estimated attendance was 1,300. There were 731 recorded decisions for Christ. Praise the Lord!

We arrived into L’viv around 1:00 am. It was a short night and we are well into our day. 

Will be posting videos and devotionals as we can get it uploaded. 

Pray for our two concerts in the L’viv Opera House tonight. Pray for the team as we are on the streets today and will be handing out invites to the concert. It is a major concert hall and tourist location. Many people want to see it on the inside. Pray that God will use this to draw people to the concert. You can see the signage for our concert in front of the doors of the Opera House. 


5 thoughts on “Rivne Concert Report

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing these updates! The devotionals are such a blessing! Will be praying (as well as the ladies in my prayer group) for a mighty move of God!

    Linda Galvan

  2. Praise the Lord for the report. We eagerly wait each day to read of God’s blessings upon the trip. And how excited we are about all those souls added to the Kingdom..

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