Saturday in L’viv

It has been a busy Saturday for us today.

Below is the devotional from this morning. Michael went from preaching to meddling today. Strong challenging words for all believers are contained in today’s message.

We took a bus tour around L’viv and then got to do some walking around on our own. Had a delicious lunch at Ukraine’s version of Luby’s. It was a busy Saturday on the streets of L’viv. No doubt many of us saw any where between 5 – 10 weddings taking place. The central part of the city where we are, was quite a buzz with activity.

The L’viv Opera House was an amazing place to sing in. Will give more details on that tomorrow after some sleep. We start early again tomorrow and split out into two groups and attend two local churches. Then we hit the road for Lutsk right near the Ukraine/Poland Border for a concert their at 6:00 p.m. (10:00 a.m. Texas time)

Christy Newberry got me some usable concert footage tonight and I hope to process that and get uploaded tomorrow while we travel to share with you. Hope everyone has a great Lord’s Day tomorrow all across Texas and from wherever you are reading this from.

We serve a great God and He is continuing to work in the lives of the people of Ukraine.

Here is Bro Michael’s Saturday morning devotional entitled: Let Me Now Go To the Harvest Field.

2 thoughts on “Saturday in L’viv

  1. Wow! What a great challenging message–I am so thankful to have heard it!
    May the Lord stir all hearts who heard, encouraging us to go into the harvest fields as Jesus taught us in John 4 and Matthew 9!
    May He be glorified through the ministry of music, preaching and witness as all of you go forth in His name! Blessings to all!

  2. Michael hit the “nail on the head” today…which is no surprise to anyone who has ever traveled with him. He always does! We’re still praying for all of you. Gloria and Charles Mayo

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