Filled To Overflowing

  Today has been another travel day for the Singing Men. This morning we split into two groups and attended two local churches in Lviv. One group went to the traditional Central Baptist Church and was led by Don Blackley. The other group went to the contemporary Hosanna Church which meets in a rented concert/theater hall. That group was led by Jay Ghormley. We sang a few of our songs then joined them in their worship service. The service where I attended at Hosanna had two sermons today.

After a quick lunch and quick change we hit the road to Lutsk. A three hour tour! Well one way anyway. The main road was not bad, but we turned off to head into Lutsk for about 45 minutes of a pretty bumpy road. But  we survived.

We are currently riding back to our hotel in Lviv. We arrived a few minutes later than our planned arrival but we got the concert started on time. To say the concert hall was full would be an understatement.  There were people everywhere. The report we heard was that many of the people were lined up for several hours today waiting for us.  The hall was located in the city center and there appeared to be a lot of activity in the area in addition to our concert. It was  a very festive and exciting atmoshpere.

   It was standing room upon standing room tonight in Lutsk. There were people who stood in the center aisle and all over any spare space the entire two hours of the concert. There is no telling how many people were left in the foyers or who were turned away. It was an amazing crowd!

We owe a huge thank you to the unseen and unsung heros of this operation. We have a sound and tech crew who travel ahead of us and prepare the stage and sound system long before we arrive. We arrived at about 5:40 with the concert to start at 6:00. All was ready and the band started our pre service music right before 6:00. 

One of our directors, Dan Baker has just told me about the fact that Michael Gott’s music stand that he uses as a podium did not get set in place due to the rush of things. Michael preached without a note and didn’t miss a beat. He was bringing it tonight.

I willl get the complete report on numbers tomorow, but one of our mission partners told me that there were over 1200 cards turned in to get a CD. That indicates what kind of crowd we had in a place that only seats 750. It was a fun night.

We are heading into the home stretch as we start another week. Tomorrow we place our big suitecases on the buses and go with just a small bag until we get to Kiev on Tuesday night. We have our last back to back concert tomorrow night in Ivano Frankivsk to the south.

Keep praying for us. Pray for our stamina and strength. Pray that we can continue to sing well and present the Gospel in a strong and compelling manner. Pray that we will stay harmonious as a team even though we have been together for almost a week now. (You have no idea how close you can become spending these kind of hours on a bus)

The hall was filled to overflowing upon overflowing. That doesn’t compare to the overflowing of God’s spirit upon our hearts as we encounter these sweet people of Ukraine. It is humbling to see God work and use us in this way. We are just weak and imperfect vessels, whom God has touched, and that overflows in what we say and sing. What a joy to be apart of this God sized mission effort. Thank you for doing your part in supporting us in prayer. It matters.

16 thoughts on “Filled To Overflowing

  1. I am in awe at what the Lord is doing. We are praying everyday for all the team and also for those who will follow-up. Praise God for the wonderful response.

  2. We serve a wonderful God! We are excited to hear all that God is doing! We are continuing to pray that God will show up in a mighty way as you all continue to minister!

  3. The joy expressed as you tell of what the Lord is doing there through all of you causes my heart to overflow with thanksgiving. It led me to pray even as I was reading your account, and I’ll continue to pray, as you’ve asked, for the strength and stamina each of you needs to continue this exciting ministry.

  4. God just keeps on blessing and blessing…praise be to Him! We still wish we could be there with you, but we will keep the prayer line humming! Charles and Gloria Mayo

  5. Prayed in Sunday School and prior to worship this morning at the moments when your orchestra was starting to play and just before Michael began to preach. Praising the Lord for the great response to the concert. What an exciting time. Praying for good rest and stamina as you begin these final days.

  6. This is so exciting. I would have loved to be in that room with the Holy Spirit’s presence. The people of Ukraine sound like such wonderful, humble, caring and hungry people. Hungry for The Word. I am so thankful for all of you that go and share God’s love with these folks. It is an experience of a lifetime, I can imagine! Thank you all for your faithfulness! We will continue to pray until every foot is back in place on home territory! Love you all! Especially… tell my brother Johnny Adams hi for me! Love you Brother!

  7. God is so good! I’m thrilled to hear the answers to our prayers in such an overwhelming way. He never ceases to amaze me. Thank you, team for giving of your BEST to him.

  8. Words cannot express how inspiring this news and response is. We pray for your continued safety and ability to spread the Message. Justin wishes you all “Good luck.”

  9. Obviously, the Father is “beating you to the churches and concert halls” each time :)…of course! It sounds like you are a bit short on creature comforts, and that bus life is, well, bus life, but hopefully the short-lived nature of each will be radically overshadowed by the incredible blessings of standing room only crowds and the obvious movement of the Spirit.

    Continued prayers by all reading the messages each of you sends home, not to mention by the hundreds that each of those people tell in their churches and online. God is already with you in your tomorrow.

  10. Still praying for you…and praising God for what He is doing through you!
    Gloria and Charles Mayo

  11. I am so excited to get to work each morning and read about your day. Of course, getting in on Monday was a real treat as I had many messages to read. As expected, the Lord is using all of you in a mighty way. I pray a hedge of protection over you each day & ask the Lord to use you in a mighty way. Carolyn Green

  12. Every message I read brings new encouragement and excitement! The harvest is ripe! Praise the Lord for His Mighty work in Ukraine! Thank you for YOUR response to His call! I pray you are strengthened in a supernatural way that can only be explained by HIS power! Press on as He goes before you~

  13. God’s blessings and prayers as you continue to carry out the words of Acts 1:8 Woody and Carol Schober

  14. It is so clear that God brought all this about: the number of people showing up and their responses, as well as all of your willingness to minister to others who would not hear otherwise. His Holy Spirit obviously spoke through all of you and your work there is greatly appreciated among those of us who did not go. Thank you so much for letting God use you as His instruments! The result is truly glorifying to God!

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