L’viv Concert Report & Two Songs to Share

The other day I referenced the song “Your God Will Come”. We have had issues getting a good recording in our concerts. Last night with the help of Christy Newberry we got some good footage worth sharing from the L’viv Academic Theater of Opera. It was an amazing place to sing in. The acoustics were amazing. It was built in 1900 and has been maintained quite well. It is one of the most outstanding halls in all the world. What a privilege we had to sing and minister there. We prayed that it would become a sanctuary for hurting people to find hope and to find Christ.

Our attendance last night is estimated at 2,100 and we have records of 1,042 making a decision to become a follower of Christ. To God alone be the glory!! We have sung to over 6,000 people and now over 3,000 have made a decision. 

Below is a clip of us singing Spirit of The Living God as well as Your God Will Come. I hope in some small way they will minister to you wherever you are watching and reading this from. Our prayer is for the people of Ukraine but also that this blog will have far reaching effects for the Gospel as well.

Pray for us in our concert in Lutsk tonight. Pray that the emotional and spiritual high of last night will continue and linger through into our concert tonight.

We are praying for all of our churches back home as they gather to worship. Spirit of the Living God fall fresh on us.

7 thoughts on “L’viv Concert Report & Two Songs to Share

  1. We at FBC Pflugerville continue to pray that God’s touch and power would be manifested through your ministry in the Ukraine!

  2. We are so thankful for the effort you take to keep us all infored. It helps us to pray very specifically for the entire team.

  3. It is evident that God’s Spirit is alive and moving in your midst.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful music and testimonies for His glory.

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