The Painted Christ

We are so blessed to have with us on this mission Christian speed painter Lance Brown. We posted just before we left a little about Lance and how God orchestrated his coming with us. Each night Lance’s painting has been a highlight of each concert. The audience erupts with applause every time. Lance is also writing a blog of his experience in Ukraine. His website is:

Here we are singing and painting Ukrainian Alleluia and How Deep The Father’s Love For Us in the beautiful L’viv Academic Theater of Opera.

It is the most moving part of our concert each night. Hope you enjoy this and always remember, Jesus loves us deeply and is our only Hope. That is our message we bring every night.

*The word that Lance paints is Hope, in Ukrainian language.

8 thoughts on “The Painted Christ

  1. So thankful for all of you: the painter, the directors, the singers, the behind-the-scenes workers, the prayer warriors, Michael Gott, the list goes on and on! Praying for you all!! Praise God for prayers answered!!!!

  2. What a great blessing to see the picture and listen to you guys sing How Great The Father’s Love For Us!!
    Thank you for sharing this to start my Sunday worship!
    Many blessings for you all as you serve and lift up Jesus today!

  3. Story. It’s all about telling The Story – in song, in painting, in The Message. What an amazing opportunity to use your gifts to tell His Story. May God continue to bless.

  4. what a blessing! The Painter & the beautiful restful singing. Diann Dougherty Tulia TX

  5. Been out of the country (Italy), but have been praying for all even though I’ve no had internet access. May God continue to bless.

  6. The artist was truly amazing! What a wonderful way to show the hope Christ brings into our lives. This really complimented the Singing Men’s concert and added another deminsion. Thanks to all who took part in this presentation.

  7. I knew what was going to happen and it still gave me chills. Been praying and will continue to ask the Father for a bountiful reaping of souls in Ukraine.

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