Great Video from Ivano Frankvisk

Singing Men member and our photogenic drummer Kris Redus found this video on YouTube. It was made by some locals that were all over the stage at our concert last night. It is a great capture of Mighty To Save. It has gone “viral” among the group here. Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Great Video from Ivano Frankvisk

  1. WOW!!! This video captures the essence of why we do what we do. Our God is Mighty to Save!

  2. I agree, WOW! Fantastic video! Thank you so much for your updates! From FBC Round Rock 🙂

  3. My eyes filled with tears as I worshipped while the video was playing. I miss these guys and so wanted to be there to share is this wonderful mission experience. God bless all of you and the Ukrainian people.

  4. I saw that; it’s great. Praying for you guys. Grateful for your obedience and sacrifice to be there.

  5. What a great song. Praise the Lord for all you guys and we are praying for you not once but several times a day. I love the posts.

  6. That was an amazing video and I can see why it went viral.
    God is mighty to save!

  7. Today as I prepare for Wednesday night activities here at my church my heart is overflowing with praise and worship as I watched this video! My heart is there with you! Thanks for going and sharing! Prayers for the concert today!

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