Tuesday’s  Devotional in Kiev

It’s amazing what you can get posted when you aren’t riding a bus back to hotels late at night.

Here is the devotional from this morning with Bro Michael. It may be a little hard to hear because of the acoustics in the church. He also had it translated for those brothers and sisters that were in the room with us. A very good word for all of us over the age of 40! God is not finished with you yet, he may still have a miracle or two to work in your life.

One thought on “Tuesday’s  Devotional in Kiev

  1. This is the only devotional i have been able to listen to… and Oh My Goodness… I needed to hear this one! I will be 59 this year… and I know God is NOT through with me yet! I am facing a mountain and I am saying “Mountain … MOVE!” I believe God has a plan for good for me and i will see His plan come to fruition soon! I love you all! Thank you Michael Gott for these words of wisdom and encouragement! And thank you for your dedication to our Father! May you all continue with the safety He has provided and the health and stamina as well. Love you all Singing Men of Texas!

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