What A Great Night in Kiev

2015-04-28 19.14.08

We made it! It was a long day, a very long day, but we made it through to the end. It was a grand evening for the Lord in Kiev, Ukraine tonight.

God gets all the glory, however those of you who are reading this and have been praying for us back home, you get to celebrate this with us. Looking at several of the comments today many of you prayed specifically for our strength and stamina, and God answered those prayers! I’m actually surprised I’m still awake to write this, but I won’t be for long. We did get a couple of hours of rest this afternoon before we loaded out to head for the Palace of Culture.

DSC_6190The concert hall was fairly full, though not all the balcony was full. We estimate that there were at least 3,300 people in attendance. God moved in a miraculous way in the hearts of the people tonight. There were 1,658 recorded decisions on the forms that were turned in. Praise the Lord!

It was perhaps one of the finest halls that most of us have or will ever sing in. It was a great setting and we sang and played our hearts out. We even sang Mighty To Save twice.

DSC_6095We are tired and looking forward to a more laid back kind of day tomorrow. We have one more concert left. Keep on praying.

Through tonight’s concert in Kiev, we have sung to over 13,000 people. Total decisions are 7,088. God is good and He is calling people to himself in Ukraine.

19 thoughts on “What A Great Night in Kiev

  1. Praises be to God!!!! All Glory to Him!!! As he reaches the people of the Ukraine. Thank you to each of you for being his humble, willing servants as you have traveled to this far off land, and have sacrificed in ways that many of us may never know. God is Good and it is Good to be involved through the power of prayer.

  2. 7,088 Souls!!! Wow! what a great harvest to the Lord! You guys have gone the extra mile and the Lord has blessed in a mighty way. You guys will be home soon with many testimonies to share, I’m looking forward to hearing.

  3. Thank you for sending the posts even though you are very tired. I really appreciate it. I’m praying for good health for all and strength for the rest of the trip.

  4. How awesome, and thanks so much for the pics! Praise God that so many from Ukraine have been saved through your singing ministry! We pray for refreshment for you all – God Bless You – from FBC Round Rock.

  5. Seeing the video from You Tube it is clear that our prayers for strength and stamina were heard and answered. Our God is mighty to save, and he is using you to help save so many in Ukraine. I now pray for some restorative rest after that wonderful concert, and then on to finish your mission and have a safe trip home.

  6. What a blessing you all have been to the people there! Praise the Lord for the lives that have been touched, and for the decisions that have been made because of the message Of Christ’s love through song.
    Praying for you all as you finish the Lord’s work there and for a safe trip home.

  7. It’s so wonderful to hear of this wonderful working of God’s Holy Spirit. Many, many prayers have been answered. We know from past trips how tired you all must be by now, but you keep going on because you know there are more who need to hear and see the story of Jesus. Keep hanging on, your task is almost done. Thank you for prayers for me. I just got out for dinner tonight for the first time since before you left in the trip. We will keep praying for strength and for a safe journey home.

  8. Love to hear of the miracles of God, and how he uses the willing to accomplish His purposes! I pray for this kind of revival to take place in the USA…

  9. What a blessing to hear the reports every day and know that God’s word in music and preaching have reached so many hearts. Now those 7000 people will go and share their faith and then on and on. When you get to Heaven someone will come up to you and tell you that they are there because you went to Ukraine and told them about Jesus. Praying for strength for all of you as you complete your mission.

  10. Praise God for bringing 7,088 souls salvation! What wonderful things He has done in the hearts and lives of Ukraine. Thank you for being willing vessels to be used of Him. Praying for rest and refreshment for the team and opportunities to share Christ.

  11. Praises to God for those 7,088 souls, and prayers that they continue their walk with our Lord and Savior! Many thanks to God for your health, and ongoing strength and endurance as you soon perform your last concert! We, here in the States, are with you in our prayers and thoughts, and thank you for keeping us informed. I am sure I am not the only one that is being blessed by the morning devotions of M. Gott that you have also shared with us. Travel mercies for ALL on your return home.

  12. My heart is overflowing with praise to Jesus for the power He has shown in Ukraine! Thank you for your faithfulness and service for Christ! My heart is filled with gratitude for the safe, though bumpy, travels you have been on while sharing this Good News!

    May God give you rest and strength to complete the task He has called you to do!
    May you come home refreshed spiritually and have the ability to share what God has done through you and to you on this trip! May your Sunday back home be a refreshing time of spiritual strength and power as you share with your family and church!

    Continuing to pray for you!

    Thanks for your prayers for me and Sherry!


  14. I praise God for answered prayers! It has been a joy for me to follow your schedule, praying for each event and requests asked for in your booklet. I was glad for the scriptures that were included, they were so on target. I will continue to pray for you until all are home. I was playing the piano and singing hymns today and one was what you have done so well – “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story”! God has blessed so many through this experience. I also have been praying for those who will disciple these new believers. Thank you for taking the time to send updates and blessing us.

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