Sweet Spirits and Sweet Fellowship

This evening the entire team came to Dom Evangeline Church for a time of thanksgiving and fellowship. The local pastor, Michael and our four directors all shared.

The team is now enjoying a sweet fellowship time over some delicious finger foods prepared by this great church.

Today many team members went on bus tours and shopped. Others took the time to rest. We have one more concert tomorrow a short drive south of Kiev.

Yesterday during our time here at the church we sang Spirit Of the Living God for the pastors of the church. Of course I videoed it.

22 thoughts on “Sweet Spirits and Sweet Fellowship

  1. Thank you for sharing! My eyes are overflowing in Praise and Worship!
    Thanks for going and sharing!
    Looking forward to singing with you in May!

  2. Great singing! Great song! Thanks for the faithful ministry you are all providing for His glory! I have enjoyed keeping up with your reports (and the printed daily prayer guide) and rejoice with the results of victories that the Lord is bringing through it all–may He bless you all with strength, grace and peace as you near the completion of this wonderful ministry! May He also give you safe and pleasant travels as you return home.

  3. While at my computer I found this beautiful video, only moments after receiving a prayer request from a dear friend, for her daughter. What a reminder this was to pray not only for the help I want for her, but for the spirit of God to come to her and comfort and strengthen her. You are ministering not only to Ukraine, but to those of us at home as well.
    I am only acquainted with one member of your group, and was so happy to see him in this video, singing with heartfelt emotion and praise.

  4. Thanks for the great post…I just had to sing along! Gloria and I will keep on praying while you keep on singing!
    Charles and Gloria Mayo

  5. I felt the Holy Spirit as I was listening you the video. 🙂 Isn’t it awesome that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent! Continuing to pray for each of you.

  6. Your singing was such an inspiration and blessing to me especially today. I had the fourth of eight Chemo treatments yesterday for renal cancer. As I listened tears came to my eyes as I joined your message in song. What a wonderful lift to my spirit as you reminded me of the true source of all of my strength is through the Holy Spirit. Allen Stroud sent us the invitation to sign up to receive you daily reports. My thanks to Allen for the blessing these have been. May the full blessings of God fall upon each of you as sing your remaining concert tomorrow and as you return home.

  7. So beautiful! And so inspired by your witness. Thank you for sharing! From FBC Round Rock.

  8. Absolutely beautiful harmonies and even more beautiful message – Spirit of the Living God Fall Fresh On Me! God is answering our prayers. Every morning His mercies are new!

    • We sang in this church in 2012. The congregation that invited us gave up their seats and went downstairs to the prayer room or stood outside to let people from the city get in to hear the message and never got to hear us sing.

  9. Thank you all for reaching out to the world thru willing hearts loving spirits and sharing Jesus to a hungry world seeking His light that shines in and thru you. Praying continued strength, safety, and blessings. It has been exciting to see and hear such heavenly music and sweet, sweet spirits. Thank you! Be safe!

  10. Can’t wait to hear the stories and sing that again at our next concert. Praying for safe travel home. Bless you guys and gals.

  11. Jo and I are praying for your safe travel home after such a great tourl. To God be the Glorylll

  12. There is something (perhaps the Holy Spirit) that resonants deep inside my soul when hearing the SMOT singing this song a cappello! So inspiring!

  13. Terrific! So moving to see and hear you in that special place. Tonight at Ash Creek we prayed for your last concert, safe travel, and fruitful follow up by the Ukrainian Churches on all the decisions that have been registered. Blessings on you all for tomorrow and Friday.

  14. Shared this video with the TVBC Prayer Meeting attendees tonight. Thank you for blessing our meeting with your beautiful voices. Praying for you as you go into your last concert and travel home later this week.

  15. Thank you so much for the daily posts. My heart rejoices to hear what God has done through each of you there. God bless as you labor for Him and His eternal kingdom.

  16. It has been a joy to share your mission through this site. Thank you. Prayers now that all have safe and restful travel home. God bless the days ahead as you return to your usual responsibilities. And may God be glorified by lives that are changed — both in Ukraine and in Texas !

  17. Praise God! Praise
    God! Not only have you blessed the souls in Ukraine but you have blessed those of us at home who are praying for you and following your journey!

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