The Country Boys Have Arrived


This quick note came from John Bell this morning (Texas time). You can see Trent Blackley’s head in the back. He completed the Boston Marathon yesterday, then got on a plane. Way to go Trent!!   dt

After three very long plane rides we have made it to Dom Evangeliya Church in Kiev, Ukraine. We made it through customs in Ukraine faster than any other mission trip I’ve ever been on – thanks for the prayers!

Amy Pannell and her daughter LG were to be in Ukraine the day before us, but because of the bad weather in Texas they were delayed and left Dallas the same day we did. Because of their different route she made it to Ukraine about an hour and 20 minutes earlier than we did.

The bus picked us up and we spend the night (Tuesday night) at Dom Evangeliya and are up EARLY (Wednesday morning) to catch a train for Lviv.

All the instruments and equipment made it okay.

10 thoughts on “The Country Boys Have Arrived

  1. God is good. Praise God all of you arrived safely, with instruments ready to sing for the glory of God.

  2. SO GLAD y’all made it safe!!!
    Praying for you every day till you get back home.
    Heard from Brother Charlie for my birthday this morning and he is praying for y’all too.
    BIG HUGS –

  3. Glad everyone made it safely. Will be following your posts and praying for all there. Have a good time praising the Lord!!

  4. Enjoyed your program at FBC, Rockwall, and we will be praying for God’s blessings and protection every day you are there!

    Charles and Gloria Mayo

  5. God is very good- in every little detail. Praying for your next ride to be smooth. Glad Trent made the planes! You’re amazing. Blessings multiplied.

  6. Awesome! I’m praying for God to use you in a mighty way!
    May you find strength, rest and peace as you labor for God!

  7. Praying for the group even as are sleeping next. Good rest tonight and a blessed day tomorrow

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