Concert #1 – Palace of Culture in Lviv

File Apr 20, 11 50 00 PM

The Country Boys sang to a packed house tonight at the Palace of Culture in Lviv and Michael preached his excellent as usual evangelistic sermon and we saw 282 souls come to know Christ tonight.

Igor Kudelin playing the Ukrainian national anthem on piano was especially moving tonight. The audience joined in and were strong by the end. Their anthem is 20 years old and not everyone knows it. We then took a moment of silence to honor the victims of the conflict here. The people here truly do love American country music and The Country Boys were well received.

The audience was very attentive to Michael’s sermon. We praise God for all the decisions that were made tonight.

5 thoughts on “Concert #1 – Palace of Culture in Lviv

  1. Praise the Lord for an awesome first concert! Sleep well and Praise Him with all your Might and Soul.

  2. PRAISE GOD!!!
    SO PROUD of you guys.
    Please get rest and be safe.
    Praying for y’all daily.

  3. To God be the glory! You’re on the road again, so praying for a safe journey and your driver, not only that he will come to the LORD but also that his eyes are sharp and his skills exceptional behind the wheel. How wonderful to see the LORD in action as you did. Praying with you that as you rest in the power and might of His Spirit this next concert will be an incredibly outpouring of His love and grace. In His grip and wonderful Love – blessings!

  4. My heart is rejoicing today over the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father as He is using you for His kingdom work! I am interceding His throne for harvest to be evident each time you go before Him in song and spoken word! To God be the glory!

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