Concert # 3 – Ivano Frankivsk

File Apr 22, 11 21 11 PM

Once again, Michael’s devotional today was top notch. His devotionals are worth the price of admission – As a bonus, we are allowed to minister on mission after being encouraged and challenged.

We traveled the same road today that the singing men did last year, but this time, it was smooth as silk. A new layer of blacktop will do that.

Michael told us as we traveled this road that we were headed to the very church where he learned that he had cancer.

We all rejoiced at the healing and were moved by Michael’s frankness with us about it.

Pastor Yury met us at the church and we were fed a glorious lunch with great
fellowship. Irochka Glushakova that was such a great help to me and all of
us on our trip in 2010 was there to meet us as well. We had a great crowd at the Ivano Frankivsk Regional Music Theater and they were just as receptive as the previous night. I don’t have the decision numbers tonight, but I will have them in the morning.
We are staying here at a wonderful hotel and leave in the morning for
Chernivtsi – a new place for The Singing Men to minister.  Once again, your
prayers are appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Concert # 3 – Ivano Frankivsk

  1. Tomorrow is Hazardous Waste Disposal Day, so as you are getting ready to step on stage, I will be sitting in a car line for about an hour. This gives me time to pray for you as I wait . Makes me think that isn’t this exactly what God does for us: shred and forget the worst of us and remove hazardous waste of sin? Isn’t this your message? Praying that every morning you will be filled to the brim with a deepening connection to His Spirit, for you are the living, breathing, singing, speaking love of God in boots and jeans. Praying that you know you are in His grip and in His presence, SO…”fan into flame the gift of God which is in you!” (II Tim. 1:6) Light the fire and it will spread. Blessings multiplied!

  2. I know God is and will continue to use you as you send his message out to so many through your singing! May God continue to use your ministry so others come to know Jesus as Lord of their life!!!Praying!!

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