Concert 5 – Khmelnitskiy

I hope you all had great worship and Bible study at your church today. Last night’s decisions were 364 – I received that number on the bus this morning as we left for Chernitsvi to a church service at Kamianets Podilsky. We joined their service already in progress. The Country Boys sang in the service (including an extra music minister from Canton singing bass…) and then Michael challenged them with a very direct sermon. We then headed to Central Baptist Church in Khmelnitskiy – the members there were amazingly gracious and exceedingly generous with their portions!

The concert went incredibly well today and was probably the easiest setup yet. Our stage crew has been phenomenal and Rockey has been doing an astounding job on sound. I have help on projection with a local team member, Artem. His hometown is Khmelnitskiy so he was recognized tonight and received a rousing round of applause. Artem has been a great help to me.

The concert hall today was probably the nicest hall so far. The decisions today – an amazing 550. The crowd was also the most engaged. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow (Monday) we leave for Kiev. It’s a travel day and night off from a concert. Thanks for everyone’s prayers.

4 thoughts on “Concert 5 – Khmelnitskiy

  1. God bless Artem and every member of your stage crew! We were blessed today in worship, prayed for you and think might just have been singing around the same time you were. “Can you hear? There’s a new song breaking out from the children of freedom. Every race and every nation sing it out, sing a new halelujah! Arise,let the Church arise! Let love reach to the other side!” Praying for your songs and your words and that your next leg will be safe, restful, uneventful, and less jarring.”Come alive Boys! Let the song arise!” Blessings and travel mercies multiplied.

  2. Wow, it is amazing what the Lord is doing through all of you and I join you in praising Him for all His goodness and grace! Blessings for your travel and the next event!

  3. “There is a place of quiet rest, near to the heart of God; A place where sin cannot molest, near to the heart of God. Oh Jesus, Blest Redeemer, sent from the heart of God, Hold us who wait before You, near to the heart of God.” Praying that your travel day has brought you to a place of quiet refreshing before you continue your journey.. In His grip always – Blessings go forward with you.

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