Ministry Day 1 – Cherkasy

JK Weger getting the choir ready in Cherkasy.

The Singing Men of Texas and Michael Gott staff are at the end of our first full day of ministry. It was not a day full of many activities, which gave the team some time to rest and recover from the trip over. The conversations at breakfast centered around a common theme of when guys woke up in the wee hours of the morning. It seems that 3:00 a.m.  Was a popular time. Oh the joys of jet lag.

A brief tour of the area was done on the buses enroute to the Central Baptist Church here in Cherkasy for our devotional time with Michael and a wonderful lunch prepared for us by some sweet ladies from the church. It was delicious and we thanked them by singing our usual blessing/thank you song that we have learned in Russian.

There was a short rehearsal held and then some down time before heading to the concert hall for the first concert. The doors opened just before seven and the crowd poured in. It appeared the hall was almost full and there were people standing around the edges and walls.

The concert went well and Micheal delivered a simple and straightforward gospel message. As of this writing, I don’t have the number of responses yet. We will post that as we get it.

Michael shared with us this afternoon on David and Goliath and the circumstances that brought David to that scene. Michael is always good at asking penetrating questions from the Scriptures. Today his ask and them was: Do You Know Where You Are?

The application point was that we are exactly where we need to be, regardless of what is happening back home. God has a strategic purpose for our being here, right now. Just as He guided and used David to slay Goliath, God has guided our steps here to help slay Goliaths here in Ukraine. Our mission is simply to present the Gospel in song and word and to ask people to come to Christ. We are stealing and robbing what belongs to Satan and to get glory for our Lord Jesus Christ. As Micheal closed today: The giant is going to fall, to the glory of God.

Tonight during dinner Michael shared this note with all of us. He was showing us what the state of so many people here is. There is so much depression, anxiety, loneliness and hopelessness all around.

There was no name on it. We really have no way of knowing if they simply left with out responding or if perhaps they did respond and gave us more info. Michael encouraged us to pray for this individual tonight. We ask you to do the same. Pray that whatever seed was sown into them tonight will take hold. Pray that this person will find God and discover that the giants they face can grow dimmer in God’s perfect grace, Jesus Christ.

My goal in the morning is to post some pictures from tonight and to have a report of how God moved in peoples hearts here in Cherkasy. Sleep is upon me tonight, sorry for any typos 🙂

Pray for the team as tomorrow is a transition and travel day with a concert thrown in. We leave after lunch for Krapivnitsky for the concert then after the concert travel 3 hours to Kryvyi Rih for a late night/early morning check in. Pray for our travel safety and that God will move once again in our hearts as well as the people who come to the concert.

Thanks for all the support and comments.

Director Don Blackley in the foreground greeting a concert attended after the Cherkasy Concert.

16 thoughts on “Ministry Day 1 – Cherkasy

  1. What a great first day of sharing the good news of Jesus!! The harvest is plentiful….

  2. The prayers are abundant that hearts are open and touched as this journey continues‼🙏

  3. My heart aches for the person who wrote that note. Bless you all for ministering to them! I’m praying for both you and them. Interesting note–wherever I’ve traveled, whether the time difference is 2 hours or 15 (as it was in New Guinea), I’ve waked up at 3 a.m. Ask Larry Caudle what he’s read about that.

  4. AS you rest tonight we prayed for you and the rest of the concerts ahead of you. Our Prayer Meeting group agreed together for God to do a mighty work in your lives and the lives of the people of Ukraine who will hear you sing.
    As you awake Thursday may you sense a renewal of your strength and may your travel and concert be a time of refreshing as the Holy Spirit does His work through you and the team.
    Praying each day for you!

  5. You are right where God wants you. Bless you each one and May our Father keep you in His tender care throughout the entire time. May God touch lives and hearts through your songs and tune in Ukraine. Love you all.

  6. I sure wish I was there with you as was planned. Know that I am praying that your singing and Michael’s spoken message truly bring a great harvest of new brothers and sisters in Christ all for God’ glory. I look forward to the blog reports each day.
    God bless you, brothers
    Larry Wesson

  7. He is with you and for you…your constant Companion and Provider. He never leaves you. His love for you is constant. Let His spirit guide you.

  8. This evening many prayers went up from Faith BC Duncanville for all of you, but especially for our own Larry Caudle and Bob Ball (we’ve adopted him). Everyone was glad to hear news of your first concert.

  9. Praying that tonight “your sleep will be sweet” and renewing after your first day, and for the man who left the note and all who heard you sing. The LORD has truly made “Something beautiful of you life” – a living witness with a powerful message. Rest in His mighty grip.

  10. My heart grieves for the person who wrote the note; I pray that their heart was softened tonight and that they found hope in the light of Jesus Christ – if not tonight then in the near future from the seeds of the gospel sown in their heart during the concert.

    Praying for safe travel fkr all of you and for hearts to be open at responsive at the next concert.

    God’s peace

  11. I was with this group on their last trip to Ukraine. I can identify with so many of the things being reported. I look forward to reading them. Thank you so much for doing sending these notes. The SMOT Texas are loved and supported by so many people. I am praying and I know others are too. We hope that you can feel them. I pray that God will use this mission to help uplift so many of the precious people in Ukraine who have no hope.

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