Ministry Day 2 – Krapivnitsky Part 1

I had hopes of being able to type while we were in transit to Kryvyi Rih but the ride/road is much to rough and bumpy. 

Our concert tonight was well attended and the presence of the Lord was was again very evident. It was an overflow crowd who were very happy we came to there city. 

The weather held off and we have not seen anymore snow since noon in Cherkasy. The forecast though for Kryvyi Rih is for snow overnight. 

I will have time in the morning as well as details of tonight’s concert and will post then. 

Keep praying for us. 

11 thoughts on “Ministry Day 2 – Krapivnitsky Part 1

  1. Always. Praying that you hang on, arrive safely and have a great restful night. You’re in His grip over the rough stretches of life.

  2. Praying for you daily.
    The Lord your God is with you.
    God Bless and rest up.

  3. My new church here in Florida is praying for God’s Spirit to draw a great harvest there. I challenged them to follow that desire in our own home and country. May God be praised! Stay healthy, my brothers. I miss you all.

  4. Praying for you this morning! Fired up to see how God is working and moving! Thanks for sharing these awesome experiences.

  5. A little Oswald Chambers this morning:”We look for God to manifest Himself to his children.God only manifests Himself in His children.Other people see the manifestation, the child of God does not.” I’ve caught myself saying, “God showed up.” Of course He does, He walks in with us! SO, I’m asking Him by His grace “to enable you to feel His nearness and might.” Then “others will see and trust in the LORD. “

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