Ministry Day 2 – Krapivnitsky, Full Report

It is now Friday morning here in Kyryvi Rih, Ukraine and there is a dusting of snow on the ground and more coming down. We arrived here to the Park Hotel about 12:30 am and settled into our rooms. Our ride was pretty bumpy last night, but we endured and are grateful to have had the chance to sing in Krapivnitsky last night.

Michael Gott’s devotion yesterday was a time where he shared his heart about being an evangelist and his simple strategy to share a simple gospel. He told us of why our travel plan was what it was because the city of 500,000 didn’t have a hotel large enough to accommodate us all. It is a somewhat forgotten city here in Ukraine. No one like us ever comes here. The local churches wanted us to come and had worked hard to organize the event. So we came and sang and then endured a three hour bumpy bus ride to the next city Kryvyi Rih, all because we wanted to share the simple message of Jesus so with the people of Krapivnitsky.

As Michael shared with us yesterday morning, he shared his heart’s desire to make the Gospel simple enough for everyone to accept it. He challenged us and reminded us that our purpose here is to share the simple Gospel message of Jesus Christ so that people can say when they leave, Jesus has become real to them.​ 

The Regional Philharmonic Hall seats 900 and we were told just before the concert that the churches had arranged overflow seating in several other rooms and areas of the hall. They also had set up to videotape the concert and message to produce a DVD for all their churches in this region to use again and again for the purpose of evangelism in this region.

The hall filled up quickly as they opened the doors and from the stage there were no seats left and many people standing in the back. Our best estimate is that 1,200 were in attendance.

One of the songs that we are singing on this tour is Untitled Hymn otherwise known as Come to Jesus. I could not help but think of Michael’s words as we sang this last night. 

“Weak and wounded sinner, lost and left to die, O raise your head for love is passing by. Come to Jesus. Come to Jesus. Come to Jesus and live.”

Our prayer every time we sing is that the people here in Ukraine will only see Jesus and that they He will become very real in their lives.

In last night’s concert we have response cards that 651 made a positive step toward Jesus Christ. Praise be to our God.

Today our team gets a chance to recover a bit and have our devotional time together and some free time here at the hotel before leaving for tonight’s concert here in Kyryvi Rih. God is at work and is answering your prayers. Thank you to the hundreds back home who are praying for us.

Pray for our concert here tonight at 7:00 pm (11:00 am Texas time). 

Pray that the weather will not hinder people from coming.

Until next post . . . Blessings.

8 thoughts on “Ministry Day 2 – Krapivnitsky, Full Report

  1. “Experiencing God” is an amazing thing, even on the rough roads we sometimes have to travel. Praying that He will surround you and make Himself known to everyone in that room. Another arrow prayer for you at 11:00 – at RHS working for another Trent! There’s irony for you.Blessings on you!

  2. Can someone tell me who is writing these updates? I am sharing these daily with my friends and would like to give this person credit. He or she is doing a great job.

  3. Continuing to pray for you all. It will be worth all the inconveniences! “Come to Jesus and live” has become one of my favorite anthems.

  4. “Untitled Hymn” has meant a lot to me since I first heard you sing it, and I’ve heard many others say the same. I’m sure people there are being touched by it too. Bless you all for enduring such discomfort in order to take Christ to a place where He’s so needed. Excellent writing on the blog, too, Darrel! Thank you.

  5. So wonderful to get updates on your success! The people are hungry for God’s word and love. The numbers turning in cards is proof of that. Prayers continue daily from Rockwall for good weather, health, and that the message you present will be fruitful and to God’s glory!

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