Ministry Day 3 – Kyryvi Rih, part 1

FullSizeRenderHey everybody, not a lot to share tonight since my post this afternoon. We have our main meeting/devotion tomorrow once we get to Dnipro so I won’t have the complete report on the concert tonight until then.

Our concert tonight was well attended. It was held in the biggest indoor place the churches could get in the city. It was a different type of building than what we have been in. Sort of reminded some of us Texans of a rodeo arena. All the seats were not full, but there was a very large crowd that was glad that we came.

The churches in both of these towns the past two days have been so excited that we came to their part of the world. They are off the beaten path. The roads are bad in and out, so not many groups come here. There is very little SBC IMB work done in this region. We are so glad we came to sing and share the love of Jesus with them.

It was the type of place that was not fancy, it was a little more crowded on stage and being our third concert it would have been easy to just mail it in. But we didn’t. Our director Don Blackley challenged us before the concert to not mail it in, but realize that these people have never heard us. We know that there are so many in the audience who are seeking answers, who have little hope for a safe and secure future. Don shared of a conversation he had the night before with a young man who is truly searching and sensing God in his life, but struggles to understand and hear God. He said he was touched to the point of tears at our songs and didn’t know what to think to it. Don simply told him, through some tears himself, that was God speaking and working in his life.

Kseniya Bondarenko

On an another quick topic, we need to say publicly what a great job our Ukrainian staff does that Michael Gott International (MGI) has assembled. They do all the heavy lifting and detail work for us and all we have to do is concentrate on singing a concert every night. One person in particular to mention tonight is Kseniya Bondarenko or Ksucha as many call her. She is the main leader here in Ukraine and has done much of the legwork in the administration and logistics for this mission. She is a seminary student and a wonderful godly young lady. We are blessed to have her leading our team alongside Michael and Jan.

One example of the great work that has been done was putting us in this hotel these past two nights. It’s off the main area, it’s quiet and peaceful. I usually stay away from commenting about the food we eat. (Our focus of this blog is prayer updates and simple reports) But sometimes . . . You just have to bend the rules a little. This hotel and restaurant threw it down for lunch and dinner today. You can say a prayer for us that we didn’t over eat and go into some type of meat comma. Let’s just say we have bulked up on protein today. It has been a wonderful day to recover, fellowship and serve the Lord here in this place.

It’s time to call it a night as we have an early start tomorrow with a three hour bus ride to Dnipro followed by back to back concerts at 5:00 and 7:00 (9:00 & 11:00 Texas time).

Please pray for good rest tonight, stamina for the drive tomorrow, strength and engery for the two concerts. But most of all pray that God works through us, that He is glorified and that when we finish up tomorrow night, the people who came can say that they were in the presence of Jesus.

Once again, you are a vital part of this mission. I had a chance this evening on the bus to read through some of the comments. Keep them coming. In time our guys will be able to read through them and find encouragement. You are also called of God and are his polished arrows.

Good night from Kyryvi Rih Ukraine.

13 thoughts on “Ministry Day 3 – Kyryvi Rih, part 1

  1. Keep up the good work, and we’ll keep praying! It’s a great privilege to stand with you in prayer.

  2. We are praying for God’s spirit to move mightily! You are in my favorite place, and we’d love to be with you. You should take a video of the drive between places….it would make us all feel more like we’re there! We are also praying for good, peaceful rest for all of you.

  3. The blessings these precious people are receiving are innumerable. Praying they continue.

  4. The posts are so interesting! I look forward to reading them with anticipation and prayer for all of you! May you have strength and stamina to continue to minister through song.

  5. We have Oasis at FBC Lewisville, a Dementia Day Care, and yesterday we were thanking God for what He did at both concerts yesterday. FBCL is lifting each of you in our daily quiet time, thanking God For all the victories! To God Be the Glory!

  6. Wonderful to hear and see the photos you sent! I am praying for you. So glad that you can give many people hope.

  7. I appreciate the daily posts! I had privilege of going on the trip in 2015 and know what a blessing it is.

  8. Ukraine and the Singing Men of North Central Texas have a special place in our hearts. The men and their wives have prayed for and been concerned about me constantly over the years. I am forever grateful for that. We yearn to be with you, but will continue to pray for this mission that God will move in the mightiest way. Be safe, and rest whenever possible.
    Sherry Coombes

  9. Isn’t it great to know that God goes where we go!! You guys are doing such good work doing His work. Oswald Chambers in my reading the morning of 4-21-17: We look for God to exhibit Himself to His children, but God only exhibits Himself in His children.
    Sherri Johnston

  10. Almost time for you to rise and shine. Praying for the next leg of your (probably!) rough journey to the next 2 concerts. Thanking Him endlessly that “by His Spirit you come alive to declare the Victory.” You are greatly beloved of the LORD, To those who are lagging in power He will always add His strength. SO, get ready to sing as you’ve never sung before and revel in His showers of blessings as He uses you to say HE is risen indeed! Blessings on you this very day.

  11. I know that most of you are getting up from what I pray was a very restful night. I praise God for Him using you so wonderfully in singing the praise and hope of the gospel Please take care of yourselves so you may finish strong for the Lord! Praying for the travel and two concerts!

  12. Prayed for you this morning at 8:00am and 10:30am – during your ministry time in Dnipro. God is leading you into new territory and enlarging your borders. May He strengthen you and use you for His glory. You are a blessing to me as I follow your prayer guide and blog.

  13. Praise the Lord for how He is working in you all to minister and speak to hurting and lonely hearts. Continued prayers for God to continue to draw many to himself and that He would receive all the honor and glory.
    Thank you for the updates so we can see our prayers being answered by our faithful Heavenly Father!
    Prayers for supernatural stamina and rest for you all.

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