Ministry Day 4 – Dnipro




We had another lengthy travel day on hopefully the last really bumpy road. But that I’m sure is very wishful thinking. We arrived into Dnipro and unloaded at the Central Baptist Church where we had our devotional meeting and lunch served to us by the church. It was very good.

Central Baptist Church is special in the history of the Singing Men. We were scheduled to sing there on our inaugural trip to Ukraine in 2010. The day before the concert the church burned nearly to the ground. The concert was quickly moved to another place. Through MGI, Singing Men members and several of their churches, as well as churches and individuals around the world, money was given to this church and it has rebuilt a very attractive and functional building. The statewide SMOT group sang a concert there in 2012. It was a sweet time to hear from their pastor yesterday as he greeted us and thanked us for the support over these past several years.

Michael told us that out of the tragedy many good things had come. The church received much good publicity and has seen lots of good growth. They have an evangelistic hearted pastor. In fact he encouraged his people to not attend our concerts yesterday so that lost people could have a place to sit.

We made our way to our hotel and quickly unloaded and changed and reloaded the buses to make our way to the concert venue. Another very cold hall greeted us, but the atmosphere that we were greeted with was warm. Each time we enter a hall the local church and volunteers stand in lines to greet us enthusiastically.

The hall did not fill up as we expected for both concerts, but the crowds were very enthusiastic. We are estimating that between the two concerts there were about 1,400 in attendance. The hall sits 1,200 and was 60-70% full both times. Please understand our attendance numbers are not exact at all.

Though it was cold, though there was still snow on the ground, and the room was not as full as we have seen, God still did amazing work in many peoples lives. We have cards and have recorded names of 626 who made a positive decision for Christ. The Lord is still working here in Ukraine.

After the concert we were treated to a wonderful meal at a restuarant that sits right on the banks of the Dniper river. It was good time of fellowship together.

Many of us are tired and growing weary but that does not stop us.

We load out of Dnipro in a few minutes with another 3 hour trip ahead as head to Kharkiv. We will be about 20 miles from the Russia border. This is a city we have never been to. Pray for us as we travel and for our 6:00 pm (10:00 am Texas Time) concert.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our home congregations today as they gather to worship around the same time that we will be in concert tonight. May God be praised both here in Ukraine and in our Texas churches.

6 thoughts on “Ministry Day 4 – Dnipro

  1. “Paved” and “Highway” just don’t mean the same in Russian as here! I know it doesn’t in Shona in Zimbabwe where we’re headed in July. Even so, praying that the LORD will protect and keep you safe on each road. Praying to that you “strength will rise” and that our precious Everlasting God who never faints or grows weary with watch over you, give you renewed power and enthusiasm as you bring His message of peace tonight. A bit busy today at 10, but will lift you in prayer as we sing too.

  2. Glad you are having a great trip. I continue to pray for your safety, rest and strength. And your music and message. It’s almost cold back here in Texas, 49 degrees. Thanks for the great pictures. Blessings for a wonderful day.

  3. The roads look just like the ones back in Michigan during winter, filled with potholes. A blessing to see the faces of those precious people looking for the “answer of hope, and a heart filled with peace. Safe travels Christian Soldiers.

  4. New Creation Fellowship is praying for you today. Jan and I have been praying daily.

  5. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow – for safe travel on the bumpy roads, for the roads to get from place to place, for the churchs and faithful Christians in the Ukraine 🇺🇦 who have worked hard to welcome SMOT and Michael Gott as a part of their evangelical outreach to their neighbors. Asking our Holy Father to continue to provide all your needs, provide protection for each of you and the citizens in the areas you are traveling and for lost souls to be won for The Kingdom and to provide periods of rest for all of you.

  6. Still the restless waters of their hearts with your song. Calm them with the security of your presence. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”
    You are ever near to our Texas hearts.
    With prayers for you. 🙏

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