Tuesday Night Update – Kiev

Our concert in Kiev was great. Had a good sized crowd, was not a full house, but at 3,700 seats and being in Kiev, that was a tall order to fill it full.

I don’t have the numbers or pictures yet so will post that tomorrow.

There is a change in our schedule for tomorrow that may not be reflected on a Prayer Guide copy you may have. Originally we were going to do an informal concert at the Dom Evangelia church, but the leadership of that church felt it would take away their people from attending tonight’s concert. So our day tomorrow is a free one for the most part. It is a welcome respite and will be nice to not have to be on a bus tomorrow.

We still want you to pray for us, just wanted you to know that we did not have that event that made some earlier editions of the Prayer Guide.

Pray for our team as they relax and reflect on our days together. Pray that as we go about the area that we will have opportunity to show and share Jesus.

We have one concert left on Thursday night in Chernihiv.

Till next time.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Update – Kiev

  1. May you have great opportunity to share Christ’s love!!! ❤️
    May you lift up Jesus giving Him all the glory to all you meet.
    Praying you get rested and refreshed and feel the comfort of God.
    Looking forward to you all coming home.

  2. May the Lord bless your R & R. You certainly deserve it! The Lord will be using you even in that. Hallelujah that praises to our Almighty God and the Gospel were sung and spoken in that building tonight! Thank you for keeping us so well informed. It means a lot to those of us who can no longer “go”.

  3. Free at last! I think the LORD knows you need a well deserved break to relax and rejuvenate yourselves. He says,”Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted in heaven and on earth” Sounds like it’s needed , don’t you think? “When the music fades and all slips away, and I simply come” simply means to stop, lean back in His arms and let Him speak His words of love to you. Then – rise up, suit up and “sing like you’ve never sung before” what He’s told you. Praying that when you lie down your sleep will be sweet.

  4. What a great surprise for you all. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might….Ecclesiastical 9:10

  5. Good afternoon! A couple of songs have been running through my mind this morning – Keron Jackson’s voice singing, “If You can use anything LORD, You can use me” Today has been different for you but just as profound. You’re not singing to thousands, but talking to individuals. I’m praying that He sends you someone who speaks enough English to understand, for they dance for joy in heaven when even 1 sinner comes home! I thought it wouldn’t happen in Tel Aviv last December, but it did – in the Red Light District where we went door to door.(Yep, you read that right!) and we talked to 3 women from the Ukraine in their home. “Love In Any Language” always pulls us together with enough understanding to make His message plain. Got to log off – another whopper of a storm is upon us for 45 minutes if my weather app is right. Praying for you to be blessed of the LORD today.

  6. It occurs to me i may have given you an OMG moment about our weather. Not to worry, it was our own personal downpour and , having filled up Lake Lavon is gone now. I’m a storm spotter for the NWS and this stuff fascinates me. Just didn’t want to lose my lights in mid sentence! This happens frequently in North Rockwall.

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