Ministry Day 7 – Kiev

It is Chernobyl Day here in Ukraine. 31 years ago on this date, April 26, 1986 life in Ukraine changed for many thousands of people. It is still remembered here. Some of our team have toured the Chernobyl Museum today and have a better grasp on how that disaster so many years ago really affected the very area we are in.

This is the reason we do not have a concert here. Back in 2012 when we were here and had a concert on this day it was met with some mixed reaction from the Ukrainians. This time around as we put the schedule together, we arranged to be off this night.

It has been a day of rest, discovery, & sightseeing of this delightful city.

The concert last night was very good. This is the largest hall that we will be in and is the most modern. Estimating the crowd is harder to do in this setting. We will say there were around 3,000 in attendance. We do know that 1,301 of them filled out a response card and registered their response to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.

We prepare for our final day in Ukraine tomorrow and our final concert. It’s hard to believe this mission is coming to an end. Tonight is the last full night of sleep we will get before we are all home back in Texas. (Thursday night will be late getting back and we leave very early in the AM to head to the airport.)

Thanks for your continued prayer for us. I will try and post the results of tomorrow’s concert as soon as I know them. In the days after we get back, I will also try to post some video that I have not been able to do this time around.

Hope everyone at home has a great Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Ministry Day 7 – Kiev

  1. Oh Mr. Thompson, please tell Trent I’m so glad he hasn’t changed! I was beginning to worry a little bit. Love your pictures. Declared a holiday today ourselves. Later!

  2. Thank you so much for all the great pictures and information on these posts–outstanding job! We started our Wednesday here (west of Duncanville) with a very noisy hailstorm! No damage here, but I haven’t heard about other areas. It’s also much cooler today. I hope you all had a wonderful day. I pray you sleep well tonight for the long haul ahead! It will be very nice to have you home where you belong. Remember, Jesus is praying for you, too. Can’t do better than that!

  3. Derrel–I just realized that I’ve misspelled your name twice–please forgive me! After reading all these posts, I’d like to meet you sometime. At least the Lord knows your name, and you’re very dear to Him.

  4. Thanks again, Derrel, for keeping us up to are the best! We remember seeing the statue of the little girl, where the children left apples and such. We will go back and read them all in order when you finish the postings. Meanwhile, we will continue to pray for all of you as you travel home!! Charles and Gloria Mayo.

  5. Thanks so much for these updates. It is marvelous to get your feedback on the concerts, size of audience and how many signed response cards. Our prayers for you are being answered. We continue asking God to open the eyes and ears to the message the SMOT and to fill everyone with the Holy Spirit. We also pray for a safe trip home and anticipate hearing all the details from Don and Gerrie Blackley! Our God is a Mighty God!

  6. I look forward everyday to see your posts and what the Lord is doing through all of you. I pray tomorrow’s service will be great, too! And praying for safe trip home. Love and blessings to all of you and what you have done once again in Ukraine.

  7. Love the pictures and the looks on the faces of the audiences. You are doing a fine job of spreading God’s Word. Still praying! Get some rest and come home safely.

    St. John’s Lutheran church, Mansfield Prayer Train
    Chuck & Susan

  8. Love your pics!! ❤️
    Praying for your safe return home.🙏
    God Bless you all for fixing your eyes on Him and for making Him your focal point.
    BIG HUGS ❤️

  9. There are no words to truly tell you how grateful I am that God has granted you a tremendous journey again. And, of course, that the harvest of souls for a much greater prize than anything we can imagine has, again, been an amazing blessing. You are in my prayers every day. As I have said before, I am so sorry I could not go, but so grateful that God again opened doors to share the gospel in the language heard by the heart.
    Continued blessings on this last day, and prayers for safe travel.
    Upward and Onward!!

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