Ministry Day Seven – Chernihiv

Our final concert is in the books. We sang for a very enthusiastic audience tonight. We even got a Russian hand clap after Jon Ratzlaff finished the solo on Change In My Life. 

The hall was very nice and had an opera house feel and look to it. We were pleased to see every seat full tonight. That would put the attendance at 1,000 plus people. 

Michael shared with us just before the concert that in this city of 300,000 there are only about 1,000 Baptist and 1,000 other Evangelical faiths. There is a great spiritual need in this city. 

After the concert he also informed us about several people who came from the country of Belarus. They drove about an hour an a half and had to wait at the border for four hours to get in the country. They will do it all again to go home tonight. They are special friends of the Gott’s and wanted to come hear us since we were close to them. 

We have done our best every night to exalt and honor the Lord as we sing. He has been lifted up in each place and the Lord has done amazing things in the lives of the Ukrainians. We praise the Lord for 424 who responded to the call to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in tonight’s concert. 

After a two hour bus ride, we are now back to the hotel in Kiev just before midnight. We really won’t sleep tonight since the buses will leave at 3:00 am to take us to the airport. From there we all fly various routes and flights back through Europe and arrive back in Texas Friday late afternoon/night. 

Pray for our safe travel home. Begin praying now for the 6,511 people who indicated a response to Christ during this mission. Pray for the local churches that will now do the important work of following up with each person. Pray that that many of these will indeed become a sincere follower and disciple of Jesus. 

Also please pray for our guys who will step back into their pulpits Sunday to lead in worship with only one day to recover from the jet lag. Pray for their ministries as they come back to busy family, work, church life and other responsibilities. 

It has been a joy to write and update this blog once again. Thanks to all who wrote comments and sent kind words my way. Perhaps we can meet face to face sometime. Come see us at a SMOT concert when we are near your area. I’ll be in the orchestra area playing French Horn. 

Speaking of that we have our final regular season concert on Thursday, May 11 at Austin Baptist Church in Austin, TX at 7:00 pm. Would love to see anyone who can come join us. Go to our main website for info and directions.

Once again YOU served a vital part of this mission as you prayed for us. Many of you gave money either to SMONCT or to one of our guys directly. We are grateful and say THANK YOU. 

Hopefully in the coming days and weeks we will update a bit more and add some other photos and videos before we put a final wrap on this edition of the Mission Blog. 

Wishing God’s richest blessing on each of you. 

19 thoughts on “Ministry Day Seven – Chernihiv

  1. Thank you for keeping us so well informed these two weeks! Praying for all who responded and for everyone’s safe trip home.

  2. I’ve been in missions for nearly 42 years and have never been witness to even a fraction of the “harvest” you’ve experienced there! What a blessing 6511 responded. It’s been a thrill to experience this vicariously through the blog; so, again, my profound thanks for doing this and helping us feel a part of it all!
    Larry Caudle expressed the importance of prayer in one update: “This revival is due to many elderly Ukrainians praying for God’s mercy on this oppressed people for many years…. We learned before the (Kiev) concert that over 1,000 Ukrainian Baptist Christians had been fasting and praying for this event for the last 2 days!” I sent a brief report and these quotes to my brother who responded, “The Singing Men of Texas should go to Russia and have the Ukrainians praying for them and the Russians”.

  3. As Western US Christians we definitely take a lot for granted. We truly get complacent in our big comfortable churches here in Texas. Praise God for The Singing Men of North Central Texas and the impact you have had on so many lives over the past 2 weeks. Safe travels to all and God bless each one of You!
    Sherri Johnston, FBC Rockwall

  4. Thank you all for sacrificing your resources including your time, energy, time away from family, finances, vacation days, etc. God bless you for preparing your hearts and allowing us to pray for you. I’m so grateful that your sacrifices have produced fruit and your faithfulness has helped usher in 6,511 souls into the Kingdom. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

  5. Thank you Darrell for great and informative updates that have blessed and inspired!! While I haven’t commented each time, it has been such a joy to read about the journey and what the Lord has done once again through the ministry of SMOT and Michael!! May the Lord now give safe and uneventful travels as you return home!

  6. Thank you very much for the updates during the trip! It was a blessing to follow the daily reports. Praise God for lives changed for eternity!

  7. Thanks so much for your daily reports of your mission trip. It seems God blessed you with a successful trip. Praying for a safe return for all.

  8. I’m so very grateful to be able to read every day about the concert, the other adventures in the trip, and know how to pray specifically. It’s also made me a bit “homesick!” and even more excited for the first MGI English languasge event in June. I’m ready to be there! Praying for good rest and uneventful trips home.

  9. Praying for your long road home: that it’s straight through without problems; that the sick aren’t miserable every air mile; that the LORD will keep our “Cap on” so that strong storms don’t move in before you get home. (good to go for Friday on the last forecast.) Mr. Thompson, you’ve done a great job keeping us “in the loop.” I love your writing and pics. Well done faithful servant! I will be looking for you in the horn section. 10,000 blessings on you and your ministry. Safe travels. Praying for you all the way to Monday and rejuvenation.

  10. Thank you, Derrell, for your daily report back to us at home. Praise God for all the souls the Singing Men and Michael Gott’s team touched on this mission. “To God be the Glory, great things He has done”! Have a safe safe journey home.

  11. Thank you so much for your blog each day/evening. I looked forward to them. Praying safe travel and praising God for decisions made!

  12. Just wanted to let you know, Derrell, how much the posts of the trip have meant to this former SMONCT member that desired to be a part of God’s Handiwork in Ukraine again! As Michael reminded us on the first Ukraine venture “we have been blessed to reap where we have not sown” has come true once again. To God all glory for His allowing the group to be a part of His power once again. “Thanks” for keeping us here at home informed. Prayers for safe flights!

  13. Thank you for keeping us at home updated. Prayers for safe and timely travels home for all.

  14. We are glad to have been a part of the emails that you sent out, even though we do not live in your area. We live in the Panhandle of Texas and are friends with a couple of men who are in the Panhandle Singing Men. We have also had Paul Newberry and his wife in our church to help lead in revival services. The posts each day have been wonderful and that helped us feel like we were with you all in each concert. Praise God for the many lives changed as a result of this team effort! We will continue to pray for the SMOT as you travel back to Texas.
    Blessings, John & Beverly Curtis, Frio Baptist, Hereford

  15. “Thank you” is a feeble tribute for the great way you have kept us informed during the entire trip, even when you must have exhausted a lot of the time. It has been the next best thing to being there! We will continue to pray for you and the rest of the team as you try to re-adjust your “body clocks” before Sunday! WELL DONE, DERREL!! Charles and Gloria Mayo

  16. Thank you! Thank you! You kept us updated and provided info about the mission and people of Ukraine. God bless each of you. Prayers will continue.

  17. I’ve been looking for the video of y’all singing around the grand piano in Kharkiv but haven’t seen mention of it yet. Have I missed it? Any info you can give me?

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