Friday Morning Devotional – We Must Go To Samaria

Here is Michael’s devotional on Friday morning. For most of us, these times with him are a highlight of the trip. As one comment said, even though he may be speaking to Ministers, there is truth here for all of the church.

Rivne Concert Report

Just have a brief time to update from last night. Estimated attendance was 1,300. There were 731 recorded decisions for Christ. Praise the Lord!

We arrived into L’viv around 1:00 am. It was a short night and we are well into our day. 

Will be posting videos and devotionals as we can get it uploaded. 

Pray for our two concerts in the L’viv Opera House tonight. Pray for the team as we are on the streets today and will be handing out invites to the concert. It is a major concert hall and tourist location. Many people want to see it on the inside. Pray that God will use this to draw people to the concert. You can see the signage for our concert in front of the doors of the Opera House. 


Our Thank You Song For the Zhytomyr Church

We sang our Thank You song in Ukrainian for the wonderful folks that served us for four days in Zhytomyr. Enjoy.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

This comes from Singing Men member Glenn Jones from his Facebook post early this morning.

This is why we do what we do in Ukraine. A little Ukrainian girl sits in front of this canvas painted during our concerts set to music. Notice the unintentional camera angle of the image of Jesus almost kissing the head of the child as to say I love the Ukrainians as much as I love all the world.

little girl painting

On The Road To L’viv With Bus B

I wish you could see the scene where I am now. On the back of Bus B. We have finished off our bag dinner. (For those dying to know what that was like: a ham sandwich and some very good wafer cookies. It hit the spot just right) 

  All the luggage didn’t fit today and so the very back seat is crammed with luggage and one very limber Austin Daniel. To my right and left Mickey Daniel and David Schuler are reading and playing games on their iPads and Jim Clayman is asleep. Up ahead it is dark and looks like everyone is about to nap a while. I’m typing this with my IPhone because it is the only thing I can hang on to and type. Pardon any typos.  

 Our schedule says this is a three hour drive to L’viv tonight. The highway to Rivne was pretty good and this one tonight seems good as well. It will be after midnight before we get to L’viv. 

Tonight’s concerts were well attended though the hall was not completely full. The audience seemed to be a little younger. They very much responded to Lance Brown our guest painter. They also liked the song Mighty To Save. 

Overall the men and orchestra (I’m in the band, have to give them some props) presented another two great concerts. Michael Gott spoke a word of Hope and the Gospel.

We tried to get some video shot of a song or two tonight and I also have Bro Michaels devotional from this morning to post. Will try to get those up sometime tomorrow. 

Once again thank you for your consistent prayers on our behalf, especially those voiced at the same time as our concerts. 

Tomorrow is a big day with back to back concerts in the famous L’viv Opera House. We get to do some sightseeing as well which will be a nice break and change of pace.

I will try and get more pictures and videos posted as soon as we can. Thanks for all the words of encouragement you are giving on the blog. We topped over 2,800 views yesterday from 8 different countries. How cool is that!

So that is all for tonight from the back of Bus B somewhere in Western Ukraine. 

Birdechev Concert Report

This morning Michael shared the results of last nights concert. There was an estimated attendance of 1,200. Praise the Lord for 516 that made a positive response to Christ. 

The team had another time with Michael before sharing our last lunch in Zhytomyr. 

We are currently traveling to Rivne. Two concerts at 5 and 7. Pray once again that God will move. 

Have more things to post but need to wait for stable internet. Hope everyone has a great day. 

Ministry Day 2 Recap and Update

The Singing Men of Texas are now back to Zhytomyr after a great concert in Berdichev. This is one of the smaller cities we will sing in or have ever been to in any of our trips before. The concert hall was like many of the others and was nearly filled tonight with close to 1,000 people. We were warmly greeted by the pastor of the local church where we had another fantastic dinner prepared by some wonderful people.  ( I think it is a universal thing that Baptist can just flat cook and they can eat as well. We are not going hungry.)

This morning Bro Michael delivered another home run with his message to us. It was a word of hope to each of us about a very special promise God has made to each one of us. In the 2nd chapter of Joel God tells us that he will restore the years that the locust have eaten. It was a message of encouragement to all of us that God still has many plans for us regardless of the stage of life we are in, or even if we feel like we have wasted years in our past. Continue reading