Mission Completed!


The Singing Men of Texas – North Central’s trip is now completed. We have all made it back to our respective homes and many of us stepped back into our roles leading our own churches in worship yesterday.

Thank you to so many that read this blog and followed us here as well as on our Facebook page. Thank you for your steady prayer support. We believe firmly in the power of prayer and know that God’s hand was on us as we went. We know that your prayers were heard and answered.

As a recap, here are the results from our evangelistic concerts in Hungary and Romania. Once again we publish this not in a bragging or boastful way. We publish this humbly and to give all the glory to God for what he has done in many lives over the past two weeks.

Concert Location Attendance Positive Responses
#1 – 5/1/19 Debrecen, Hungary 1,100 472
#2 – 5/2/19 Békéscsaba, Hungary 800 429
#3 – 5/3/19 Cluj-Napoca, Romania 500 279
#4 – 5/4/19 Oradea, Romania – Hall 650 296
#5 – 5/5/19 Oradea, Romania – Church 3,500 1,339
#6 – 5/5/19 Arad, Romania 600 304
#7 – 5/6/19 Timisoara, Romania 500 190
#8 – 5/7/19 Pécs, Hungary 600 241
#9 & #10 – 5/8/19 Budapest, Hungary 550 353
  TOTAL 8,800 3,903

We are grateful for our partnership with Michael and Jan Gott. Since 2007 we have seen thousands make that positive step toward Christ from Austria, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Crimea, Hungary and Romania.

An Update on Don Blackely

Many have inquired how Don is doing following his surgery this past Friday. The doctors were able to repair the mitral valve and not have to replace it. They also did two bypasses instead of three. From Trent’s Facebook posts it sounds as if he is recovering well and possibly will be moved out of CCU sometime this week. We are grateful to God for his healing work in Don’s life.

Our special reception plans to celebrate Don’s leadership have been postponed and moved to the evening of August 15th. Details will be on the Singing Men of Texas North Central’s Facebook page later this summer.

Our final concert of the season is this Thursday night starting at 7:00 pm at the First Baptist Church in Garland. It promises to be a wonderful night of celebration and worship. We would love to see you there.

This blog will go silent for now, until our next journey to wherever the Lord leads us. Keep praying for us as we seek the Father’s will for our next mission.

Wednesday Night Report – Budapest

We had two great concerts last night at the Pesterzsebet Baptist Church in Budapest. The church was full both times with a combined attendance of about 550 people. 353 made a positive response to Christ. Praise the Lord for these who took this step toward God.

We were able to do a Facebook live stream and many back home and in Hungary and Romania were able to watch our concert.

It is on our Facebook page for any one that wants to watch it again or see it for the first time.

SMONCT Facebook Page

We are being tourist today on our final day on this mission. It is a rainy cool day but we are taking it all in.

Pray for our safe return tomorrow. Also pray that the 3,903 people who made that positive response to Christ will be followed up by the local churches. Pray that they will grow as a mature disciple of Christ in the coming months.

Pray for our entire team as we return back to our families and churches. Pray that the excitement we have experienced will continue as we share all that the Lord has done.

Thanks to all who have prayed for us. You are a vital part of this process and we are grateful.

If you are in the greater Dallas area we invite you to our final concert of this season next Thursday May 16 at First Baptist Church Garland. It will be an awesome time of worship. We hope to see you there.

Tuesday Night May 7th Report – Pécs

60265397_2286785564677472_6827446490948960256_oThe Singing Men had a wonderful evening in the city of Pécs, Hungary last night. The concert was attended by about 600 people who filled the expo center where we sang. Among the attendees was the Mayor of Pécs. We were honored that he attended the concert.

We rejoice over the 241 people who made a positive response to Christ. We have now recorded 3,550 decisions with two concerts left tonight.

Following the concert we drove two and half hours to the city of Budapest and checked in to our hotel in the city center district. Budapest is one of the largest and beautiful cities in the world.

After our long day of travel yesterday the team got a break today with no schedule until we leave late this afternoon for this evening’s concert. Many took to the streets today to soak in the sunshine and see this wonderful city.

Tonight we are hosted by the Pesterzsebet Baptist Church where we will do two back to back concerts at 5:30 and 7:30 (10:30 am and 12:30 pm Texas time). This will be our final concerts of the trip. Originally the plan was to be in a large sports hall but the church did not have the number of people register to warrant singing there. Our plan now is to do our concert in their church building and to do two concerts.

We are planning on doing a Facebook live stream of the 7:30 concert. It will be done using an iPhone and we are hopeful the internet signal will stay strong. It will give you a taste of what a concert here in Hungary is like. We would encourage you back home in Texas to have lunch with us and surf to our Facebook page and listen in. Invite a co-worker or friend to watch with you. Better yet, invite a lost person to watch with you, they will hear a clear presentation of the gospel.

You can find our page and the stream here: SMONCT Facebook Page

Pray for us that in this final night of concerts the Lord will be exalted and that people will come to the concert in this big city. Pray that souls will find Jesus and start a personal relationship with him.

Also pray for our Director Don Blackley. He will be undergoing triple bypass heart surgery and heart valve replacement Friday morning in Plano. We will all be on airplanes while that is going on. His son Trent, our new incoming director has done an awesome job leading us. Trent will be flying home tomorrow so that he can be there with his parents Friday morning.

Tomorrow is our final day and it will be a day of sight seeing here in Budapest. We will end our time with a dinner cruise on the Danube River tomorrow night. It will be a sweet time of fellowship and celebration for all that God has done.

It has been a wonderful mission here in Hungary and Romania. We are grateful for you prayer support. Thank you for all the kind and positive comments here on our blog site.

Monday Night Report – Timisoara

We have spent the majority of Tuesday on our buses traveling back to Hungary and the city of Pécs.

Our border crossing was done on a major highway this time with lots of traffic and technical issues again. We crossed without any issues but it did take us two hours and twenty minutes. The good news is we gained back an hour and had the time today to still be in Pécs on time.

We shared a great meal together at a local hotel and then had our devotional time for the day. Michael led us in a sweet extended time of praying for several on our team who have had various trials and crises back home while we have been here.

Our concert last night in Timisoara was attended by 500 people by our best estimates. We have records of 190 people making a positive response to Christ. Even though it was a lower attendance and decision number we still rejoice with those who came. It was a sweet crowd who responded well to our songs.

We are now making our way to our concert venue for tonight and are anticipating what the Lord will do tonight at 6:00 pm (11:00 am in Texas). Pray that our energy will stay strong.

After the concert we will drive all the way to Budapest for check in to our last hotel. Pray for our drivers that they will stay alert.

Sharing Jesus in the Square

You may have already seen this on Facebook but want to put it here as well.

We did a short informal concert in a public square around the corner from the church in Timisoara. Michael also shared the gospel.

Brian James did a Facebook live stream of it. You can see that on our Facebook page. SMOT in Timisoara Square

This clip is us singing Amazing Grace.

Sunday Concert Report from Arad & Oradea

It was an amazing Sunday for the Singing Men in Oradea and Arad.

This morning in our devotional Bro Michael shared the results from both our concerts yesterday.

At Emmanuel Baptist in Oradea there were over 3,000 plus people who packed out the room. As we reported yesterday the church promised to work hard to fill the place if we came. We are excited to report that we have record of 1,339 people making a positive response to Christ.

To put that into some perspective the church averages around 1,500 on Sundays. Yesterday the church members invited their friends and they saw a huge crowd. As a result nearly as many who attend on any given Sunday made a decision for Christ.

In Arad last night we estimate the audience to be about 600. Please understand our attendance numbers are estimates and sometimes our best guess on the seating information that we are given. Regardless of the total number there we have record of 304 who made that positive response to Christ.

Through six concerts we have seen 3,119 make a check in the box on their program that says they want to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We praise the Lord for the work the that he is doing.

We had a later start today and are now on our way to Timisoara. This is the place where over 30 years ago the revolution to over throw Communism here in Romania. We will spend the afternoon with our local host church singing an informal concert and preaching time to their members. This is at their requests to help motivate them to reach out and bring lost people with them to the 7:00 pm concert. We will return back to our hotel in Arad tonight.

Continue to pray for us today as we minister in Timisoara. Pray that people will come to the concert despite the rainy weather we are seeing today. Pray that God once again will convict people’s hearts and that they will seek forgiveness only found in Christ. Pray for strength and energy for Michael Gott, Trent Blackley and the entire group of musicians as we present our seventh concert.